Monday, November 22, 2010

Outlaw Smoking? some Think It Should Be Done


    I just so happen to be one of the people who do not think that smoking should be outlawed in the United States,and luckily, not many citizens in  this country feel that my only remaining bad habit should be banned.

    Rasmussen Reports

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that just 17% of Americans think tobacco smoking should be against the law in the United States. That’s down slightly from 22% in December 2008

Seventy-two percent (72%) disagree and think smoking should not be outlawed. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.) 

Nineteen percent (19%) of non-smokers like the idea of a tobacco ban, compared to just 11% of those who say they currently smoke.

When it comes regulation of the cigarette industry, Americans are divided over how much is enough. Twenty-two percent (22%) think the level of regulation is too high, while 26% believe it's not high enough. Thirty-eight percent (38%) say the current level of regulation is about right.

   If you wish to ban a product that is not good for you then just look towards the alcohol industry. Yes, smoking can kill you with many forms of cancer and such things as second hand smoke (?), but a cigarette has not made to many people run into other vehicles and kill the people in said vehicle, or people in crosswalks either.

    I’ve never heard of cigarettes making anyone go totally dumb and stupid and start shooting at someone just because a person may have pissed them off.

    Ban the alcohol or either tax the hell out if and leave us smokers alone for a change.