Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Rising From The Ashes?


    I am sure that you political junkies all remember the Ohio Representative  Dennis Kucinich, the one member of the Democrat Party who the Republicans have pretty much labeled as a fruit because of his stands on certain issues in the past. this man has always been at odds with the Republicans, and even with his own party at times. This is one of the reason that I like the man so much. He also happens to be one of the few men in the Obama administration who brings his balls to work with him every day and he has no problem voicing his opinion to either side when it becomes warranted.

   In fact, back in 2007 he was one of the few politicians to voice concern over the bailouts of the mortgage industry, saying that the bailouts would just postpone the crisis which was looming in our midst.

    He also thinks that the government should make any corporation with an American name pay their taxes here.   Source

   Now Rep.Kucinich has decided to make a play for the top spot on the Democratic side of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, in effect challenging the current leader (Representative Edolphus Towns) for the spot.

    I myself see Rep.Towns as a wimp who has done nothing but play kiss-up to the Republicans all of the time. He has no voice when it comes to disputing Republican claims against the Obama Administration, which is pretty much what he is paid to do.

    I’ll take Rep. Kucinich over Towns any day of the week. Kucinich has already started warning certain Republicans.

In a letter to his Democratic colleagues announcing his bid, Kucinich called the choice of the OGR ranking slot "perhaps the most important vote" in organizing for the next Congress. "This is because [Issa] has already made wild and unsubstantiated charges which threaten to turn the principal oversight committee of the House into a witch hunt," Kucinich wrote.

Kucinich also alleged that Issa "reveals a lack of restraint and basic fairness. ... We cannot simply stand by idly and hope that such a reckless approach to the use of the power of the Chair will not happen, especially since it is not only being promised, but demonstrated by the person who will hold the gavel."                                       Washington Post