Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Satire


    I’ve been a little behind as of late because I’ve been trying to make this site look a little bit different than it has been looking. Of course, with the holiday having had been in full swing, this has not been an easy task to complete. I have had a few other things come up,none good,that I have had to deal with also. One particular distraction I could have done without.

   I need a little bit of humor today,and I’m sure that a few of you could use some also.

Jimmy Fallon:

"On Glenn Beck's radio show yesterday, Sarah Palin accidentally said, 'We have to stand with our North Korean allies.' Then Palin was like, 'Wait. North Korea's the one in the south, right?'"

"Bill Clinton is auctioning off a dinner with him and three of your friends for charity. When asked what the cause was, he said, 'Cause Hillary's out of town.'"

Jay Leno:

"The Pope said in an interview recently that the use of condoms is acceptable under certain circumstances. For instance, if you're dating someone from the cast of 'Jersey Shore.'"

Conan O'Brien:

"People lined up for days to see the new 'Harry Potter' movie. The movie is called 'Harry Potter and the Long Line of Single People.' It's just nice seeing a long line these days where nobody is getting their junk touched."

"Bristol Palin lost to Jennifer Grey in the finale of 'Dancing with the Stars.' The good news is, when a Palin loses they tend to just quietly disappear."







                   From PoliticalHumor