Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tampa Residents Kill High Speed Rail Tax..


….and though I do support the concept of high-speed rail for the area and then some, I can understand why the people in the Hillsborough/Tampa area voted against a one-cent sales tax increase to fund the project.

   The local Wednesday morning papers wrote about how the residents here did not want any more taxes to pay because of the tough economic times in the region. That may be partly true,but I suspect that no one wanted to fund a project that hadn’t been completely laid out before the public. I know that I would not spend money on a something ahead of time without knowing what it was that I am getting.

   That being said, it is a bit disappointing that this measure failed because the Tampa area has a high rate of unemployment. Those rail jobs would more than likely have boosted the economy a little bit on top of giving quite a few people some much needed work. That hope is once again just a dream for the area. This area has been working on a way to get a rail system in place for three decades and there has always been some really stupid reason for the deal not coming together.

    I guess that this area wishes to remain in a third-world status for a few more decades.