Friday, December 24, 2010

the GOP’s Perfect Voter


The Perfect GOP voter: Cruel, Hateful, Wildly Misinformed and Constantly Scared Sh!tless

by MinistryOfTruth @DKos   Wed Dec 22, 2010
For Tax Cuts for the Rich, "small government", Christ and War


You can basically break Republican voters into 4 subgroups, and they are Cruel, Hateful, Wildly Misinformed, and Constantly Scared Shitless. The perfect storm of Republican ideology on the MooseMeter of "WTF are they talking about" is all 4 at once.

The four steps of creating the perfect GOP voter:

  1.    Find some way to wildly misinform people
  1. Play up to their hate (Try calling your opponents Hitler)
  1. Play to their cruelty in persecuting the object of their hatred
  1.    Do your best to scare the living shit out of your captive, misinformed viewers about the IMMINENT DANGER of terrorist attacks, socialists, communists, race based cruelty, anti immigrant furor or the Next Big Government Takeover that is going to destroy America.

Here is the bumper sticker

You don't have to be wildly misinformed to be a cruel, hateful asshole, but it helps.

Vote Republican 2012!

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Hate: If you hate any of the following groups of people. Bonus Palin points if you hate two or more.

poor people

That just about covers everyone who isn't a gentrified land owning Christian male and the women they tell to STFU and get back in the kitchen.

Everyone else who does not vote based on their hatred for minorities, poor people or women is not welcome unless they can raise BIG money for the GOP. That rules Micheal Steele out on both levels.

Constantly Scared Shitless: this is a byproduct of being Wildly Misinformed and Hateful.

Cruelty:   If you support torture but not health care for 9/11 first responders, or health care for anyone for that matter, or if you are against for tax cuts for the rich but against unemployment insurance, foodstamps or welfare, I am talking to you, Caligula.

Wildly Misinformed: Today's conservatives are a cult or nihilism, short term greed and anger. They live in a bubble of their own creation and constantly flop flat on their faces if ever they find themselves outside of their bubble (Examples, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Sue Lowden, Christine O'Donnell, Michele Bachmann, GEORGE W. BUSH, etc, etc . . ) They stand AGAINST consumers, workers and everyone who is not rich enough to bribe them. The only way you can get someone to vote for you, if you are a Republican, is if you lie and fearmonger to people who are already predisposed to be cruel and hateful. Coincidentally, the previous sentence is the South Carolina state motto. Today's modern Conservatives are dittoheads and Fox Viewers who will wear teabags on their hats if Captain Kangaroo tells them too. Modern Conservatives call the Gospel of Jesus "Socialism", they are less a political party and more of a fan club dedicated to the seven deadly sins. These fools deserve NO respect in my honest opinion. If torture fits into your value system, I say fuck your value system.

As I've said before "We're sorry you're stupid, but you're not allowed to hold back the rest of the class anymore."

Rush Limbaugh embodies all 4 of these traits.

I honestly believe that the best thing opponents of Republicans can do is not to adopt their ideas and try to work with them, but to call them what they are, peddlers of hate and fear, toadies to the rich and powerful, cruel and misinformed liars who twist the truth to hurt American consumers, workers and the majority of American citizens and help billionaires and their special interests. You want a bumper sticker for 2012? Try this one!

You don't have to be wildly misinformed to be a cruel, hateful asshole, but it helps.

Vote Republican 2012!

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