Monday, December 20, 2010

Middle Class and Poor: Time To Sacrifice


   After our so-called President Obama left us in the cellar with his cave in to the Republicans with those extended Bush tax cuts to the rich and powerful, we will now be told that it is time for us to make a few sacrifices in order to curtail the deficit. Those who will be doing ALL of the sacrificing will be the working poor and the middle class of America. The Republicrats are finally going to begin the dismantling of our social safety nets.

   For those of you who voted for more of the Reagan,Bush,Republican agenda, you will have what you have been asking for. For those senior citizens who thought that Obama wasn’t doing things fast enough for you,you will also get what you asked for. That will be cuts in Social Security and Medicare. You will now have the joy of paying even more for your medicines and premiums.

  Those of you who do have some common sense, DO NOT AGREE TO SACRIFICE!

by bink

Here it comes ...

Press Sec. Gibbs was on cable yesterday (no transcript available) saying that now that we've cut taxes, we need to address the deficits, a sure sign that spending will be slashed on programs that are valuable to Americans.

This is really bad news.

Republicans are celebrating.

Cuts to the social safety net are on the table.

Democrats will sadly agree that we can no longer afford to have the kind of quality of life that Americans have been used to for the last 50 years.

Nothing will be shielded from scrutiny when it comes to finding programs to cut, not even the sacred promise of Social Security.

I'm asking you to resist.

Don't let them do it.

Don't agree to this.

Don't let them slash poverty relief programs before the rich give up their wars.

Don't let them take away health care assistance before the rich give up their corporate welfare programs.

Most importantly:

Don't let them cut apart Social Security and other programs for the disabled and elderly.  Don't let them do it without a fight.

We'll be asked to "be serious."

To "act like adults."

To make "hard decisions."

The President, Congress, the Beltway and the media are going to start screaming at the top of their lungs, demanding that we sacrifice more so that the rich can have more -- more than any rich have ever imagined in the history of human civilization.

We gotta find a way to say no.