Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Government Waste: Many S.S.I. Checks...

... and before the reader starts out with "S.S.I. checks aren't waste," let me state that I do not think that all of these checks are the result of government waste. Many people receive these checks, and rightfully so, as they have true needs for the little money that they get from the government.
I am referring to those individuals who get these checks who have no real disability. Their problem is that they have gotten to damned lazy to get off of their asses and work. Those are the alcoholics and crack-heads of the world in most cases.
Some of you probably know a few of these kinds of people who have applied for S.S.I. (Supplemental Security Income) while claiming some kind of disability, either physical or mental.
What I have discovered,based on personal observation, is that many people are just looking for an easy way out of working and of being responsible for their own self/lively-hood. Many of these people lay around the home ( if they have one ) drinking "Natural Ice" beer all day or either popping pills or smoking crack, or all of the above. At the same time, they blame everyone but themselves for their self-created problems.
So how do certain people manage to get S.S.I. checks? Lets take a look at one individual who shall remain nameless.
The woman is 55 years of age and an alcoholic. She has been a drinker for at least 30years. She is on medication to sleep at night and she also takes meds for high blood pressure and some Prozac because she's been diagnosed as being bipolar. The woman is totally functional in her day to day activities until she starts on the drinking. After that, she ain't worth to much when it comes to doing anything of consequence.
When sober, she can do anything that she sets her mind to doing. She could hold down a job if she so desires, but she doesn't wish to do that. I guess that that would interfere with all of that drinking time, so how does she support the beer habit? From bumming of off her fellow beer drinkers, none of who work either, or by selling off some of her food stamps.
At this point in time, I will stop this article because the woman in question has had an accident on Tuesday. She was hit by an automobile while crossing the street, and, she was in a crosswalk. I'll follow up on this in my next post, but it seems that even though she was in the crosswalk, she still was not in the right.

The victom in this case is doing just fine in light of what happened to her. She has gone through two surgeries after having had one of her feet broken in 9 places and a sprained ankle. She is now recovering an one of Tampa's rehab centers.
I'll continue with the posting that I had started on dealing with S.S.I. recipients who really have no disabilities other than laziness, in a few days.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conservative Health Care Woes

Jonathan Chait on the coming conservative freak-out
by blue aardvark Sat Feb 20, 2010
From The New Republic:

The Coming Conservative Health Care Freakout

You can imagine how this feels to conservatives. They've already run off the field, sprayed themselves with champagne and taunted the losing team's fans. And now the other team is saying the game is still on and they have a good chance to win. There may be nothing wrong at all with the process, but it's certainly going to feel like some kind of crime to the right-wing. The Democrats may not win, but I'm pretty sure they're going to try. The conservative freakout is going to be something to behold.
And Paul Krugman adds this:
If this works out — I’d think the odds now are that it will, though it’s by no means a done deal — there will be endless debate about whether Anthem Blue Cross was wot did it. My sense is that a final push was always available, as long as the White House was willing to take a stand; Anthem may just have helped provide an occasion.
I think Krugman's correct. And Chait, too.
The Democrats are going to pass something. It's going to be less than it should have been, but better than nothing. And then what's going to happen?
The answer is the Republicans, especially the Tea Party types, are going to lose their collective minds. They will scream about the use of reconciliation. When they do, we must be ready to point out how often Bush used it. And that only a few 'amendments' were passed that way.
They will scream that the public doesn't want Obamacare. And that's where the hard work will be. Educating the public that the vast majority of the provisions in the bill are ones they like - tax breaks for small business, the exchange, and so on.
We need to force the screaming crybabies to explain why the public doesn't want those enormously popular items at the top of the chart. The time to start thinking about framing it that way is now. They are going to frame this as the Democrats using a trick to pass a bill the public doesn't want. The Democratic Party needs to get the truth out about this bill.
Lean on your Senators. Lean on your Representative. Tell them to support reconciliation to pass health care. Tell them to include the public option and the millionaires tax (the only two popular items not in the Senate Bill per Nate).
Let's get this done. Because if we play it correctly, the GOP is going to look like sore losers. And if there's one thing Americans dislike, it's whiny crybaby sore losers.

And just for grins, here's a quote from Newt Gingrich:

February 20, 2010
I'm not frightened by bipartisanship... We should be brave enough to stand up and say let's work together until we finish defeating the left and then we won't have to work with them as much.
Supplied via Political Wire
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