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2010: The Battle for who Sucks Less ...

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2010: The Battle for who Sucks Less
by Dr Teeth Wed May 26, 2010
So yesterday I'm chatting with a Republican friend of mine, I have known since I volunteered on the Clinton campaign. I've been charmed to have lived in swing states, blue states and red states. Nothing beats a swing state (with the exception of maybe being in Wichita during the height of the abortion protests).
Well, I knew this guy before that first election. We actually were on opposite street corners, and I waved at him while others yelled insults at each other. The sight of these run down western PA downtown regions is somewhat surreal. On the only intersection with a few businesses and municipal buildings, groups with signs stake out opposite corners. If one group changes intersections, the other moves as well. It is rather comical.
Well my friend and I realized how silly this election already looks.

The Democratic Platform for 2010
Republicans are bad for America

The Republican Platform for 2010
Democrats are bad for America
Turns out after looking at some polls, Americans have an interesting take on this.
Both Parties are Half Right

It turns out a majority of Americans don't like either Republicans or Democrats on just about anything. On any issue both parties can't seem to find any kind of plurality. If Obama intended to change politics the in Washington, he can at least say that he stopped the ebb and flow of things. Now people just seem to universally hate politics in general.
As far as the hope thing, I'm afraid that ship has sailed. The electorate just seems to be toggling between anger and depression. They honestly just don't believe they can get a square deal economically or politically. There is always another Goldman Sachs or BP, and the story of government collusion that follows.
Now I wasn't alive in the 60s, so I can't speak for all of history. I have never seen an electorate so beat down in my lifetime. I'm not talking about political division either. I'm talking about universal political dismay. If there was an environmental, economic, ethical and political tipping point, people just seem to have accepted our country has gone over that cliff.
So where is 2008 now? The President has seemed fortified in the White House as of late. Congress looks like they are a fighter in the 11th round in a fight they are losing. Republicans seem just as tired and absent. Everyone still talks in their perspective echo chambers, but there is very little back and forth occurring. Everyone seems to be avoiding the biggest ecological disaster in the history of our country.
So what's the plan for 2011? Are the Democrats all governed out?
If I'm not mistaken this country is still facing huge problems.

-A Failing Education System
-Climate Change
-No Energy Policy
-High Unemployment
-Crumbling Infrastructure
-Federal and State Deficits
-Social Security Insolvency
-Trade Deficits
-No Immigration Policy
-Corporate Influence in Government
That is just off the top of my head. None of those I would even call progressive issues. They are national issues that resonate with just about anybody. Neither party as of today has any kind of platform. Is this election really just going to be about who sucks less?

Sad to say, but, I do think that the Democrats are about to get their asses handed back to them in the coming elections, for the most part. I'm not so sure about yourself, but the Democrats haven't done a whole hell of a lot for me since Obama and gang swept into office. Health care reform? I'll believe that when it is actually implemented. If it survives the "party of no" assault. Don't count on that happening.
Have you ever notice that the Republicans have always managed to stick together while coming up with a message to the American people that the people actually buy into? This is what will be going on once again. the Dem's have gotten to weak minded and spineless to fight back in any favorable way.
Sure, we have all become sick and tired of the way in which our government operates, but what is one to do about it? We basically have no good candidate to choose from, so we'll keep on voting for the man,or woman who says the things that we want to hear.
Sad day in America!