Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Satire

    This post used to be called the “Friday Funnies” but as you can tell, I am running a day behind so we have a name change for at least one week.

From PoliticalHumor:

Jay Leno

"President Obama was in Cleveland pitching his latest economic plan. He picked Cleveland because those are the Browns fans, and in September, they'll believe anything."
"There was one awkward moment when the speech ended at lunch time. 9.6 percent of the people had no job to go back to."


Craig Ferguson

"The new taxes are going to put rich people in a very tough spot. Paris Hilton may have to carry her own cocaine. Trump may have to fire the guy who trims that thing on his head. Warren Buffet may have to move in with his cousin Jimmy Buffet."


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Florida Pastor Suspends Koran Burning…

…probably only because he cannot get a large enough crowd to come and watch his play.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The anti-Muslim leader of a tiny Florida church says he was lied to and is rethinking his decision to cancel burning Qurans to mark 9/11.

Pastor Terry Jones earlier Thursday had backed off his threat to burn the Quran after he said he was promised that a planned Islamic center and mosque would be moved away from New York's ground zero. Muslim leaders denied there was such a deal.

   And if this pastor actually believed that the mosque would be cancelled, then I’ve got some serious swampland out in southern Arizona that I would like to sell to him. It is humorous that a thief would get upset over being lied to, isn’t it?

Jones and Imam Muhammad Musri stood side by side in a news conference where the pastor said he would cancel Saturday's event.

Musri later told The Associated Press there was only an agreement for him and Jones to travel to New York and meet Saturday with the imam overseeing plans to build a mosque near ground zero.                            Source

Redneck Preacher Also A Thief

   Of course, that would be no surprise since I consider most of those so-called “Christian” leaders a group of thieves. It is Christian leaders like Rev. Terry Jones  who bring much of the scorn upon Christians, and in this case, it does not help that this piece of shit is from the state of Florida.  You know how I feel about a majority of the residents in the state.  Those feelings are not going to change as long as you have people like this chump running around around.

    I’ve said that Floridians are dumb,stupid and ignorant, and Reverend Jones is just another one of the many examples.

    He is also a thief. It seems that Jones had a few problems with church money over in Germany at a church that he had founded back in the 80’s.

    However, Jones was ousted from the church in 2008 over financial irregularities and personality clashes, according to the report. The church now has between 60 and 80 members.

  But wait! There’s more!

Dpa cited church members who said Jones tried to run the Cologne church like a sect leader and applied psychological pressure on its members, subordinating all activities to his will.

"He wasn't the kind of pastor who did everything and took care of everyone," said Breuel.

Baar added: "He didn't project the biblical values and Christianity, but always made himself the center of everything."

In 2002, Jones was fined 3,000 euros by a German court for using the title of "doctor" under false pretenses. Members also said he was at the center of some financial irregularities. Since his departure in 2008, the congregation has had no contact to Jones.            HuffingtonPost

Monday, September 06, 2010

A Labor Day Thought:Republicans Are The Enemy Of The State

  Posted at DailyKos

A partisan holiday

by Laurence Lewis   Mon Sep 06, 2010

Labor Day shames Republicans. They campaign against unions. Their media propagandists rail against unions. Their policies consistently favor corporatists over workers.

If the Republicans had their way, minimum wage would be kept to a minimum. Regulations that protect workers would be slashed or eliminated. Consumer protections would be slashed or eliminated. Environmental protections would be slashed or eliminated.

Republicans like to claim they are about less government, but they are really about less government protection of people and workers from corporate abuses. Republicans want to regulate our personal lives, telling us who we can and cannot love and marry, what women are allowed to do with their own bodies, and how we all are to respond to our bodies' natural rhythms. But they want corporations to have complete freedom.

Unions and union workers played a huge role in creating the best of what America has been for the past century. They built our national infrastructure and our national security. They taught us and fed us. They protect us in our homes. They protect us from natural disasters. Republicans love to stoke fear and hatred based on the 9/11 attacks, but they have opposed helping that day's first responders who saw friends and colleagues die, who risked their own lives, and who continue to suffer the after-effects from those attacks.

Those who fought and died to create the labor movement helped end child labor and legal employment discrimination, and they helped create the forty hour work week, paid overtime, workplace safety, workers' comp, unemployment protections, pensions, guaranteed health insurance, sick leave and guaranteed vacations. When Republicans criticize unions and talk of reducing government, they are talking about ending all of that progress.

More than any other holiday, Labor Day is partisan in nature. Republican presidents and Republican elected officials may pay it lip service, but they rarely mean what they say. Their actions speak their true intentions, and they rarely act to the benefit of workers or unions. The only surprise is that they haven't attempted to abolish the holiday altogether. Perhaps someday they will seek a balance by attempting to establish a holiday that equally reflects their values and their agenda. But Corporate Plutocracy Day just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tax Cuts Kill Police Departments

    Down here in Tampa I am always joking that one of these days the police department is going to have to cut back on personnel because of the “tax cuts” brought on by all of those Republican politicians in the land. Of course, they call them budget cuts cause the American people can stomach that much better.

    Here in Tampa, we have our libraries closing on one Friday every month. We have had our city council get furlough days also.

   Back to the police. Hasn’t happened in Tampa yet, but here is a story that is fucked up. This is your tax dollars at work.

Associated Press

CLARKSTON, Mich. - A small town in Michigan has eliminated its police department as a way to save money.

The Oakland County sheriff's department began patrolling the village of Clarkston on Friday night.

Clarkston previously had a police chief, one full-time officer, eight part-time officers and some reservists. WDIV-TV and the Detroit Free Press report the community about 30 miles northwest of Detroit eliminated the positions as a part of budget cuts.

The Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce says about 1,000 people live in the community.

In California, the city of Maywood eliminated its police department earlier this year because of budget problems. Maywood is southeast of Los Angeles and has about 45,000 residents.