Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Funnies' Late Release


   I’m running a little late today with my political humor post only because I am still updating all of my files and website bookmarks. This happens after your operating system self destructs for no apparent reason.

   Anyway, tonight, or this morning depending on where you are at, I am doing something a little different. Instead of the better jokes from the late-night shows, I am bringing you a few of the better bumper stickers that are making the rounds this midterm election season. Enjoy them!














   you can go and check out much more of this stuff  right here.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Floridians And Taxes


     I found an interesting article in one of our local newspapers this morning, but i cannot find it in their online edition.

    Anyway,Pew Research Center did a survey with the people of Florida and found that some 70% of the residents have no problem with paying higher taxes in order to keep their current level of funding for the states kindergarten thru 12th grade schools. from what I've seen around the Tampa Bay area, they may want to also request an educational bailout from the federal government.

    54% of those who were asked said that they would also favor a tax increase in order to keep health and human services at the current funding level,and 69% say that they would approve of a tax increase on alcohol and cigarettes. they just had one of those not to far back.

    So, Florida residents. how about a tax increase to keep your public libraries open and another increase to keep your police departments operating at near full capacity, at least? While I’m at it, lets raise some taxes so that your sorry group of city council members do not need to take a furlough day.


Computer Crash


   The Windows 7 Ultimate which I normally run caught some sort of nasty virus (?) the other day and I lost all of my files and I even lost the operating system. Naturally, I cannot find my Windows 7 disk, so I had to revert back to windows xp for the time being.

   No posting from me for at least this day as I am still tweaking my computer. Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tourist Bitten By Water Moccasin At An Orlando Hotel Pool


   I was going to write about all of those great attack ads that are now appearing on television sets in the state of Florida,but, when I ran across this story, I thought that it would be more interesting than reading about Charlie Christ, Mark Rubio, or the rest of the battlefield members. Plenty of time for those jerkoffs.

   Tampa Bay Online

Orange County Fire Rescue spokesman John Mulhall says a crew responded to a 911 call Monday afternoon about a man bitten by a snake near a swimming pool at the J.W. Marriott Grande Lakes resort in Orlando.

The fire rescue crew found and killed the water moccasin after transporting Geisman to the hospital.

Geisman's sister-in-law tells the Orlando Sentinel that Geisman was bitten on the ankle as he was walking with his wife.

Lynn Arruda says her brother-in-law and his wife were visiting Orlando for a food management conference.

   Maybe the snake thought he was supposed to take a little taste of the food himself?


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Angry Voters Not Likely To Decide the Midterms…


….and that bit of info will probably piss the Tea Party group of fools off a little bit. That won’t make the GOP all that happy either,which means that they’ll have to revamp their election strategies and come up with some more inaccurate info to use against their Democrat rivals. That puts the FoxNews group into overtime.


But the NEWSWEEK Poll's most revealing finding is that despite months of media coverage insisting that voters are "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore," anger is unlikely to decide this year's elections. For starters, self-described angry voters constitute only 23 percent of the electorate, and there's no reason to believe that they're more likely to cast ballots in November than their calmer peers. Why? Because the percentage of angry voters who say they will definitely vote in the midterms is statistically indistinguishable from the overall percentage of voters who say the same thing (84 percent vs. 81 percent). In fact, majorities of voters say they would not be more likely to vote for candidates who express anger at Washington incumbents (60 percent), Wall Street bankers (52 percent), the illegal-immigration problem (53 percent), the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (65 percent), or health-care reform (55 percent).  Fifty-three percent of voters see Obama's unemotional approach to politics—his "coolness"—as a positive, versus only 39 percent who don't.