Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barack’s “State Of The Union”

    Another year and another “State of the Union “ address from our President, Barack Obama. I am still doing coin flips in order to decide if I am going to sit through this hour long spectacle just to hear a lot of nothing about job creation,improving the economy,and even more crap about “bipartisanship.”  Our President and his cabal still do not get the fact that their attempts to be nice to the Republicans (working with them) has not worked. It is never going to work! Barack has had many “compromises” with the Republican side of the equation and it seems thus far that those did nothing for the average American. When Obama “compromises,” the hard working average American gets fucked.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of so called “sacrifices” will be asked of the American workers,and those who are retired. How much of the Social Security will Obama wish to cut into?  How much more pay cuts will workers have to endure in  the new economy?  Actually,I do not think that either of these issues will be brought up in this address. Not directly.

   If Obama wants to make more “sacrifices.” then point toward the 2% of Americans who are getting the majority of the money. While he is at it,he can also make the Corporate world “sacrifice” by raising their taxes. That would be those that are actually paying any taxes to begin with.

   In a different twist,it is reported that the Republican side of the group will have not just one rebuttal after the speech,but two of them. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will give the official GOP response,and then Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann will give the Tea Party response.  That may be worth watching just for comedic value.