Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glenn Beck Still Full Of Rhetoric

  THIS kind of crap is going to get someone killed again if this man isn’t taken off the air.

Glenn Beck is going to get someone killed. UPDATE with threat

by Fokozatos siker     Sat Jan 22, 2011
Maybe that's his point. Is there a way under the law -- or protests, or whatever -- to stop this lunatic?

He's been going after Frances Fox Piven, a City of New York University professor, saying that she is responsible for a plan "to intentionally collapse our economic system."

So of this 78 year old woman is getting death threats.

My GOD that man is a son of a bitch.

What did she do?

She wrote a plan to help poor people....FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!! That's right -- when Lyndon Johnson was president.

A complaint was filed with Fox Scumbag News saying they are putting her in danger.

Oh, no they're not, says Fox scumbag spokesman,.

“ ‘The Glenn Beck Program,’ probably above and beyond any on television, has denounced violence repeatedly,” he says.

here is the link.

And if she does get hurt -- gee, I'm sure they'll scream "wasn't us!!!"

UPDATE: Here  is one of the threats...

“Somebody tell Frances I have 5000 roundas ready and I’ll give My life to take Our freedom back.”