Thursday, January 06, 2011

GOP Breaking Promises Already…


    ….which shouldn’t be a shocker to those of us who keep our eyes on this merry band of corporate henchmen. Their latest gimmick to those who were dumb enough to vote for them ( A Pledge To America ) was changed on only the GOP’s first day in control of the House. My,my,my. That’s a pretty fast change of heart for even a Republican!

  By the way, the “ Pledge to America” that the Rethugnicans promised to the their simple minded supporters is basically the same as their “Contract With America” back in 1994. The old promises with the same old results. NOTHING!

That $100 billion budget cut that they said would be done in their first year is not going to happen.

What is more, Republicans juiced up the $100 billion promise in the first place by using as their starting point President Barack Obama's $1.128 trillion budget request, a theoretical figure that was never approved by Congress.                MSNBC

  Next up, the Rethugnicans promised reforms in Congress. Well guess what? That ain’t gonna happen either.

"We will let any lawmaker — Democrat or Republican — offer amendments to reduce spending," the pledge said. "House Democrats have relied heavily on what are known as 'martial law' procedures during the current Congress, particularly provisions that allow them to bring any bill to the floor with little or no notice and deny Republican members of Congress or even factions of their own party their right to debate and offer amendments or substitutes for consideration or vote."

   This is generally being done so that the Democrats cannot make an attempt to preserve some of the more important parts of the Health Care law. The Republicans would have a harder time doing away with the law or changes to the law if they can’t force an up or down vote.

   You asked for it, and you are going to get it in ways that you never imagined,voters. We’ll see how well you still like the GOP when 2012 rolls around.