Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The GOP’s Greatest Hits For Wednesday,January 5..


…and as you have probably guessed, it was much cheap talk and lies about everything in government.

  We will begin with that rag Republican congressional member from the state of Tennessee, Diane Black, who wants to repeal the health care reform bill and who also happens to think that those poor insurance companies should not have to insure children who have pre-existing conditions. A typical Rethugnican.


   As was noted by Jed Lewison who writes at DailyKos, this woman doesn’t even know what is in the law which she is talking about. The age to which parents can keep their kids on their insurance is 26,not 24. I guess that it is time to ask former President Bush if I can get the “Hooked on Phonics” set back from him so that I can send it to Rep.Black.     Laughing out loud

  The next Rethugnican asshhat will be up in my next post later this evening.