Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak Regime Is Going Down


Breaking: Police Siding with Protesters in Egypt. Mubarak regime falling.

by OllieGarkey     Fri Jan 28, 2011
Al Jazeera has LIVE video:

UK's The Guardian newspaper is now reporting that Egyptian police are siding with the protesters. This is exactly how Tunisia fell to democratic forces. We are now seeing the same shift occur in Egypt.

"[The Regime] is already falling. It can't stop." Said a State Journalist to Jack Shenker, a reporter for the Guardian.

This comes on the heels of the news that El Baradei, one of the regime's most famous opponents, has been taken into custody.

This is the biggest political shakeup since the fall of the Warsaw pact. The protests have moved out of Tunisia, the protesters are winning in Egypt. Yemen and Lebanon are expected to see further protests today. The Anonymous hacking group is planning to make attacks against Algerian government websites.

I will continue to update this Diary as the news moves forward.

Update Scarce posted the audio report.


The police have now given up fighting the protesters. The police and protesters are now talking, with protesters bringing water and vinegar (for teargas) to the police. Afternoon prayer has just been called and hundreds are praying in front of the mosque in east Alexandria.

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