Friday, November 25, 2011

For Thanksgiving Fox News instructs us: "Let's Give Thanks for the One Percent"

by Lefty Coaster     Wed Nov 23, 2011           Source

Leave it to Fox News to use something like Thanksgiving to push back against the overwhelming tidal shift brought about by the Occupy Wall Street Movement but this preposterous.

WARNING This syrupy ode to the Oligarchs made me want to gag. 

Let's Give Thanks for the One Percent

By Alex Epstein
Published November 23, 2011

In a country mired in recession and unemployment, it may seem hard to find things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But there are many. Because we live in America, even those of us who are going through hard times have access to abundant food, racks of clothing, secure shelter, heating and air-conditioning, and an amazing array of learning and leisure activities.

This is important to remember, not just to keep our spirits up, but to avoid a tragic mistake societies often make: taking the good for granted. It is all too easy to fixate on our problems without appreciating the good in our lives. Societies that make this mistake are easy prey for scapegoating charlatans--such as those who tell us that our salvation lies in redistributing the wealth of “the 1%.”

In this past year, it has become popular to collectively blame the most financially successful Americans, “the 1%,” for America's economic problems.

I'll skip over some of the Randian BS that follows.

We should not take for granted that we live in a country that fosters and rewards productivity like no other. There is a reason why we are the destination for the “brain drain” from other continents. In no other country are high achievers as free to have a vision, to act on it, to reap the rewards, and to accumulate and reinvest capital--even when they are unpopular, even when “the 99%” disagree or are resentful or envious.

We mustn't be resentful or envious of the one the percerters.

One percerters like former CEO of A.I.G. Maurice Greenberg who is suing the U.S. government for $25 billion to cover the drop of HIS A.I.G. stock during the bailout. The same bailout that cost taxpayers $182 billion, and saved Maurice Greenberg's stock from becoming completely worthless.

And lets not forget to give thanks for the futures speculators who make both the food for Thanksgiving dinner, and travel that brings us together more costly.

Yes! Lets all bow our heads and give thanks for these greedy arrogant ones who have found some way to shake down the rest of us.

Let us prey