Thursday, November 03, 2011

Herman Cain: The 'voice of the people' greater than voices of women he sexually harassed

Wed Nov 02, 2011 by Kaili Joy Gray


When you think of important movements that changed America, obviously you think of women's suffrage, voting rights ... and Herman Cain's journey to the White House, right?

“There are factions that are trying to destroy me personally, as well as this campaign," Cain said. "But there is a force greater – there is a force at work here that is much greater than those that would try to destroy me and destroy this campaign and this journey to the White House. And that voice is called the voice of the people. That’s why we’re doing as well as we are in this campaign thus far."

Ah yes. How does that standard protest chant go? The people, united, will never be ... allowed to breach their confidentiality agreements about being paid off to keep their mouths shut about Herman Cain sexually harassing multiple former employees?

Well, something like that.

Inspiring, but not that inspiring:

He added: "Y’all were supposed to applaud.”

Might want to think twice about adding that to the stump speech, Herman.

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