Thursday, January 05, 2012

Iowa Caucus: Bachmann Quits

   Only days ago Michele Bachmann was saying that their would be a miracle in Iowa as far as her winning the caucus, or placing near the top. This was even though she was not placing all to well in the polling conducted by many pollsters.

    As you all know by now, Bachmann gave up the ghost after garnering only a measly 5% of the Iowa vote. I believe that the miracle was that this pathetic creature got as much as that 5% in the first place, and it is a sad state of affairs in Iowa when one thinks of the fact that there are at least 5% of the citizens who are as ding-batty as Bachmann is.

   Anyway, she is out of the GOP race, and she can now go back to Minnesota to continue helping her husband to “ pray away the gay “ while getting federal funds to do so.

   I take it that Michele didn’t get the memo from God telling her that he had changed His mind about wanting her to run for  President. You know, the same thing that befell Herman Cain.