Monday, January 09, 2012

Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC Strikes Back Against Mitt Romney’s

    Oh yes, now the real fun begins as these two snakes go about trying to swallow the other one up in their quest to be the GOP warrior against President Barack Obama in the November, 2012 election. This Gingrich/Romney title fight should be presented on pay-per-view as the “ Super Pac Men “ championship show down. Grab your beer, chips, and salsa for this one as Newt strikes back against Romney with a new video.

Gingrich Super PAC Hits Romney for Corporate Raiding Past — Bring the Popcorn!

By Mets102      Posted on Sat Jan 07, 2012

Newt Gingrich's super PAC has purchased the rights to a film attacking Mitt Romney's history of being a corporate raider.  The ads are set to go in South Carolina, with its all-important GOP primary coming up.  And, these days, it seems Newt is more interested in settling scores and hitting Romney following attacks on Gingrich by Romney's super PAC.  After running a largely positive campaign in Iowa, Gingrich now appears ready to go scorched earth in his attacks on the "Massachusetts Moderate" to deny Romney the nomination.

Peter Boyer, over at The Daily Beast, reported last night that it is a 27-minute video, entitled, When Mitt Romney Came to Town that:

focuses on four case studies of Bain’s acquisitions—a Florida-based company called UniMac, which produced commercial laundry equipment; KayBee Toys; the electronics company DDI; and AmPad, an Indiana-based office-supply producer. The key result of these transactions, the film asserts, was “spectacular returns” for Bain through “stripping American businesses of assets, selling everything to the highest bidder, and often killing jobs for big financial rewards.”

As Rick Tyler, described by MSNBC as a senior adviser to Gingrich's super PAC, stated:

“For the first time, this film will show what Bain Capital actually did,” said Rick Tyler, a senior adviser to Winning Our Future, a pro-Gingrich super PAC that acquired the rights to the movie on Friday. The super PAC is posting a two-minute trailer from the 27-minute film on a website Saturday.

“They targeted companies … they raided them … and thousands of workers lost their jobs. This is not capitalism. This is predatory, (emphasis my own)” Tyler said.

I must say, it is quite fun to see the Republicans comparing each other to President Obama because one dares to attack Romney's past as a corporate raider:

Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, responded Saturday: “It’s puzzling to see Speaker Gingrich and his supporters continue their attacks on free enterprise. This is the type of criticism we've come to expect from President Obama and his left-wing allies at Unlike President Obama and Speaker Gingrich, Mitt Romney spent his career in business and knows what it will take to turn around our nation’s bad economy.”

With the Republicans debating the crazy tonight, all I can say is let's enjoy watching them attack each other and write President Obama's ads for this fall, especially if Romney is the nominee.  Corporate Raider Mitt Romney, who has never met an issue he isn't willing to flip-flop on, provides a stark contrast with President Obama and the fight for the middle class.  Oh, and the best part, this video was made by someone who once did ads for Romney and is connected to Mary Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney.  All I can say is:  Sit back and bring the popcorn!

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