Thursday, February 09, 2012

Republicans Give Up, Nominate Obama.


by detroitmechworks        Tue Feb 07, 2012

According to an unnamed source,

"We just can't get the base enthused about any of the nominees."

Turning to pure desperation tactics, the Republican Party decided today that their only tactic for victory in November was in fact to nominate...

President Obama.

But don't worry, they've got a plan.

(Explanation on the flip.)

Obama's Republican running mate, will of course be Sarah Palin. This changes the dialog to Biden vs. WHO? on the national ticket.

Republicans have gone over the last election with a fine toothed comb, and determined that the only person to actually get votes was the semi-coherent, ultra-conservative, well we think she's cute, former half-term Governor of Alaska.

Plans are under way to present this as a "Fair and Balanced" ticket, while suggesting that this will really be a co-presidency, similar to what W. had with Cheney.

Rumors that attempts will be made to inflame "Lone Extremists" after Palin becomes vice-president are in extremely poor taste, and an affront to everything the Republican party stands for.