Monday, April 02, 2012

Mitt Romney Gets Less Than Cheerful Endorsement

    The Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel has decided to endorse Republican presidential wanna-be Mitt Romney in what has to one the most depressing endorsements that I have ever read.

We recommend Romney, too, in Tuesday's primary election. He is the clear choice in an uninspired - and now dwindling - field.

But we do wonder which Romney we'll see in the fall.

Is it the Romney who favors a reasonable solution to the nation's broken health insurance system? Or - shake that Etch A Sketch - is it the Romney who blasts "Obamacare"?

       We all know that  it will be Mr.“ Etch A Sketch “ Romney who shows up in November. That is only if he doesn’t change his mind/positions so many more times that he loses his mind. Ooops. To late.