Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Satan Writes To The right Winger's

A Letter From Satan To Right-Wing America

by raptavio   Mon Apr 02, 2012      Original

   The past few years have been such a success for the Forces of Darkness; it has been a time of preparation for a great harvesting of souls for eternal damnation in the pits of Hell. Oh, I don't mean the big stars, the Osama bin Ladens, the Saddam Husseins, the Moammar Ghaddafis. Don't get me wrong, we're thrilled to have them here in the fires of torment as our eternal playthings.No, I'm talking about the new crop of souls that my lieutenants and I have been sowing and tending with great care, coaxing them all into My service, helping encourage them to, in turn, recruit more willing souls into service as well, and patiently waiting until the days of their mortal lives are spent and they can be welcomed home, here, with me.And I want to thank you, so very many of you, for joining my legions. Why, I anticipate the arrival of so many of you that I've ordered new additions to be built onto the Fifth and Seventh circles to accommodate you all.Oh, don't look like that. Don't pretend you aren't wholly in My service. Join me over the Orange Runic Inscription as I detail your corruption.Of course I don't speak to all of you. Just because you subscribe to a conservative or right-wing ideology doesn't mean you're in my service. There are plenty of you out there who believe what you believe with the best of intentions. I'm working on bringing you into the fold, of course, but all in good time.But the rest of you -- well, you know who you are, in your heart of hearts, in that dark little place in your mind that you try to pretend doesn't exist. That place of fear, wrath and hatred that drives your ideology even as you try to make yourself seem driven by rational principle. You who no longer want your beliefs to simply win in the sphere of public debate. You who no longer see as your only goal that your ideology be put into practice to make your nation and the world a better place for all. No, whether or not you admit it openly, you now will not be satisfied until those who sit on the other side of the political divide are defeated, demoralized, ruined, hurt, killed, destroyed. It isn't your world being a better place that drives you any more, but the thought of what pleasure you would derive from that pain and suffering.And it was so easy to corrupt your souls to this point, too. Because it was the noblest of impulses that was the key to your conversion: Your love. You love yourself, your home, your family, your spouses, your children. And all I had to do was whisper in your ears that they were threatened. Threatened by gay people who want to make them gay too. Threatened by Muslims across the world who want to kill them. Threatened by Leftists who want to enslave them. Threatened by people of different races, and different cultures, who seem dark and sinister because they don't behave or act in ways that are familiar to you. That made you afraid. And I know how fear disconnects you from your rational natures. It makes you so pliable as you look for whatever solution offered to quell your fear.And I had such willing accomplices. The talking heads in the media to whom I intimated that ominous rhetoric about looming threats to your way of life would boost their ratings. The political leaders to whom I suggested that fear is a powerful motivator of the grassroots. And my personal favorite - those men at the pulpits who ostensibly serve my Enemy, whom I convinced to deliver My message to you, the faithful, who sat in their pews.You heard My message of fear. You thought on it. You talked with other people, at the local diner, at your jobs, on the Internet, wherever other people who heard the same message were. And you became afraid. Afraid of the Other. The Other race. The Other religion. The Other culture. The Other sexuality. The Other philosophy. You saw The Other not as someone to meet, to get to know, to learn from. You saw The Other as the source of all those fears that I'd been whispering in your ears through My proxies.And when you are afraid, it takes just the barest nudge to turn that fear into anger. After all, The Other is the source of your fear. What have you ever done to The Other? Why does The Other threaten your way of life, your family, your property? Yet The Other is there, seeking to do you harm. How dare The Other! You must fight The Other!From there, it became simple. When you feel that anger, you get a rush from it. It's a heady, righteous feeling. It's intoxicating. It's adrenaline. You seek out your next fix of outrage to feed your anger. Someone says homosexuals want to rape your children? That pisses you off. What a rush. Someone says the President is a secret foreign-born Muslim? How dare he lie and deceive you in order to sit in the most powerful office in the world! There's that feeling - it feels so alive! Someone says the government is trying to take your guns away -- those guns you plan to use to protect yourself from The Other? Well, molon labe! Oh, that defiance feels so good!And my minions are there, telling you that your anger is justified, telling you to get madder, never once suggesting you consider whether or not what you're hearing is true. And that anger grows, and festers, and becomes hatred.And that's when you gave your souls to me. Willingly, eagerly. Because hatred is the ultimate rage-high. Hatred is the twin feeling of being superior to The Other and being angry enough to want to destroy The Other. You were completely hooked. You became junkies, and I, and I am not called the Father of Lies for nothing, became your dealer, using My agents to feed you that steady stream of hatred to keep you in My thrall.Now, things which would have shocked your conscience before seem normal, even just. A woman called a "slut" and a "prostitute" and having her reputation smeared for days in the media? That's what she gets for trying to get her insurance to cover birth control. That Muslim country on the other side of the world? Bomb them into the Stone Age! That abortion clinic that got bombed? Those baby killers had it coming. A black teenager shot and killed by a vigilante? He was a hoodie-wearing thug anyway.And you fantasize, don't you. You fantasize about shooting those gangbangers across town, seeing the light leave their eyes. You fantasize about catching a straggler at that Pride rally and beating him senseless. You even dream of the day when you can get those guns and ammo out and take back your country from those Leftist scum. Then you can have your vengeance, your vengeance against the Other -- the Other taking whatever form I tell you it takes. And I'm there with you, telling you that you're the superior one, the righteous one, and that The Other is less than you, less than human, that the world will be better for The Other's removal from it.And now you belong to Me, and serve My will. You teach this hatred to your children, allowing Me to fill their hearts as I have filled yours. And one day, you will be welcomed into My home, where I will give you your due reward for giving your souls to Me. And honestly, I am a patient Nemesis. I don't care whether you live out your days stewing in your hatred, succumbing to a natural death, or whether you allow your hatred to erupt in a blaze of violence and destruction that claims your life in the end. Because either way, you will be Mine when it's over.Would you like to know what I have in store for you as your final reward? Well, I'll tell you. You see, in truth, evil knows no ideology, no philosophy. There are plenty of people down here from all political stripes. And I'm gathering together damned souls from The Other. And you will be assigned to be their tormentor.And you think this is a delight; and surely when you begin your task, you will be eager and excited. But soon, all too soon, you will see their agony, the agony you inflict upon them, and that germ of a conscience left within you will awaken. It will grow. And you will realize that you are hurting other people. You will realize what you have become and it will horrify you. And that is when My trap will close upon you, and you will be forced to continue their torment, and to watch, hear, and smell, every moment of the agony you cause, to every soul you torment, for all eternity.I'm looking forward to seeing you here. Until then, carry on, continue to serve Me, and know I will always be there, in the media, in the public square, on the Internet, and at the pulpit, to give you another dose of rage, whenever you want. Spread My message of fear, anger and hate, far and wide, to all those who have ears to listen. I'm counting on you.Thank you for all that you do for Me,Lucifer