Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Funnies: WTF? Edition

   What a brutal week this has been for both workers and democracy in America. Those stupid citizens in Wisconsin managed to let Scott Walker ( R ) keep his spot in the governors mansion, thereby agreeing to let that crooked s.o.b. turn the state into a third-world state, much like Florida. Of course, it did not help that Walker had millions of dollars of cash to help him, with most of the money coming from out os state billionaire hoods.

    I guess that being “ stuck on stupid ‘ is no longer just a southern handicap anymore when it comes to voting for assholes who are only going to rob you and then assist you with cutting your own throat in the voting booth.

 Jimmy Fallon:  "Mitt Romney has been giving his volunteers a free sweatshirt for making phone calls on his behalf. The sweatshirts are just like Romney, 100 percent reversible."

"Obama gave Bon Jovi a ride to New York City on Air Force One. Makes sense – Bon Jovi’s living on a prayer, while Obama’s campaigning on one."

David Letterman: "Hey, guess who's gay? The Green Lantern from the comic books. Today Mitt Romney knocked him down and shaved his head."

Jay Leno:  "The No. 2 guy in al-Qaida has been killed. Who says Obama isn't creating job openings?"

"According to People magazine, Rielle Hunter, the mother of John Edwards' love child, is releasing a new tell-all book this month. Haven't we heard enough? How about a shut-up book?"

"It's a memoir about their relationship. She didn't write it herself. She used a ghost skank."

Conan O'Brien:  "Facebook may change its accounts policy and allow kids under 13 to join. Under 13. Yeah, when they heard this, Chinese officials said, 'Great. Now our workers will never get anything done.'"