Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flipper Flops Again. You can’t make this stuff up

   From Addicting Info comes another Romney change of heart. While doing this about-face, Romney has also absolved President Obama of a few things.
June 12, 2012
By Stephen D. Foster Jr.

Image courtesy of LynnRocket's Blast Off
Every time Mitt Romney flip flops another face-palm is born. If it weren’t bad enough that Mitt Romney is dead-even with President Obama in the polls, the fact that he’s doing it while flip flopping on a daily basis is just plain sad. And once again, Romney has reversed himself.
During an interview on Fox News on Tuesday morning, Romney flip flopped on his previous assertion that America doesn’t need more police officers, teachers, and firefighters and that we shouldn’t hire anymore people to do those jobs, despite the fact that America is in desperate need of them.
In the wake of President Obama criticizing Romney for being “out of touch” Mitt appeared on Fox to run away from his comments.

⁠”That’s a very strange accusation,” Romney said. “Of course, teachers and firemen and policemen are hired at the local level and also by states. The federal government doesn’t pay for teachers, firefighters or policemen. So obviously that’s completely absurd. He’s got a new idea, though, and that is to have another stimulus and to have the federal government send money to try and bail out cities and states. It didn’t work the first time. It certainly wouldn’t work the second time.”

Romney has actually done more than contradict his own statement regarding teachers, police, and firemen. His statement also absolved President Obama of blame for the loss of public jobs. First, Romney says that it is state and local governments that pay for teachers, police and firefighters, not the federal government. So all those public employee layoffs in red states are the fault of the Republicans. And then Romney points out that President Obama has been trying to send relief funding to the states to save these jobs. Obama has been prevented from doing this, of course, by Republicans in Congress.
Mitt Romney is constantly contradicting himself and Americans are constantly buying his crap. How many times does this guy have to stick his foot in his mouth before Americans start to get a bad taste in theirs?