Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Funnies: Todd Akin, Mitt Romney, Republicans- So Much Stupid, So Little Time Edition

   Most of you probably think that I'm one of those Liberal assholes by the way that I constantly bash the Republican Party. I can bash that sorry assed group all day long because I was once an actual breathing member of the Republican Party. I bailed out when the younger George Bush was nominated to run for President, and I am glad that I did. When the best that the GOP can offer is George Bush, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and now Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, the party is in trouble.The Republican Party has been on a steady decline ever since and it will only get worse with no-nothing tag-al-longs such as the Tea Party and their stupid ideas.  That being said:

Jay Leno: "Akin announced that he is staying in the race. Is that a surprise? A guy who that so little about a woman's body doesn't know when it's time to pull out."

At a campaign stop in Ohio, a group of senior citizens greeted Republican Vice President nominee Paul Ryan and yelled 'Good luck!' It’s good to see the cast of 'The Expendables 2' is everywhere this week."

"Welcome to "The Tonight Show" — or as Comcast calls us, "The Expendables." As you may have heard, our parent company has downsized "The Tonight Show." We've consistently been number one in the ratings, and if you know anything about our network, NBC, that kind of thing is frowned upon. And more bad news. It turns out now we've been taken over by Bain Capital."

Paul Ryan just released his tax returns for the last two years, and it turns out he and his wife had a combined income of over $323,000 last year. To which Mitt Romney said, 'See, I do reach out to poor people."

Jimmy Fallon: "It’s National Senior Citizen’s Day, which is not to be confused with National Senior Citizen’s Week — the Republican Convention in Florida."

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