Thursday, August 02, 2012

Mitt Romney= 3rd Bush Term

   Something that many of us may have missed was Mitt Romney’s announcement back in October or 2011 of who would be on his Foreign Policy And National Security Advisory Team, which does matter because many of these people are leftovers from the elder Bush administration and are some of the warhawks who brought us the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles, among other things.

   Many of these sorry fucks go all the way back to the Nixon era.

   A few of the names from Romney’s list follows…

    • Henry Kissinger (Nixon’s Secretary of State)
    • James Baker (George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of State)
    • Cofer Black (former CIA official, former vice president of Blackwater International)
    • Eliot Cohen (George W. Bush’s State Department official)
    • Paula Dobriansky (George W. Bush’s State Department official)
    • Norm Coleman
    • John Bolton (George W. Bush’s former UN ambassador)
    • John Lehman (Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy)
    • George Shultz (Reagan’s Secretary of State)
    • Richard Williamson (George W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary of State)
    • Michael Chertoff (Bush’s Homeland Security Secretary)
    • Michael Hayden (created warrantless wiretapping programs for Bush)

      It has been rumored that former Vice President Dick Cheney is also an advisor to Mitt and that he will be Romney’s ‘ handler’ much as he was Bush’s. Must be a nice setup for Dick, to get a new heart and his second puppet to order around.


There is John Lehman, the Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration, who sources say is a lead actor in the Romney cast. Then there are Michael Chertoff and Michael Hayden, the Homeland Security secretary and CIA director who both served under President George W. Bush. Two former GOP senators, Norm Coleman of Minnesota and Jim Talent of Missouri, also are on Romney's team.

The supporting cast is also composed of Washington's security and foreign policy veterans: Eric Edleman and Dov Zakheim, who held high-level Pentagon posts under the younger Bush. Zakheim's son, Roger, a senior staffer on the House Armed Services Committee, is also assisting Romney, along with Dan Senor and Megan O'Sullivan, who emerged as major players during the Iraq war.

    No doubt that Romney and this bunch are already smelling the blood of an invasion into Iran. Romney will be creating jobs alright, for our arms makers.

   Romney is more than willing to start another war if he is elected, which must not be allowed. If you think that the economy sucks now, wait until we invade another country while Mitt and his Republican Party cut even more taxes for their rich employers. I can throw in about 23 or so Democrats who walk the same line.

   Mitt Romney must not be elected in November.