Monday, August 27, 2012

Texas Delegation Turns On Party Leadership At Convention ( UPDATE)

    ABC NEWS via Yahhoo is reporting that there will not be a floor fight at the convention over rule changes in choosing delegates.

A new RNC rule would have allowed presidential candidates effectively to choose their own bound delegates. States typically determine delegate allotments through primaries, then meet later at state conventions to pick those individuals. Under the new rule, state parties would give up some power to choose, among themselves, who gets to attend future GOP conventions as voting delegates.

Bopp had led a movement to defeat this rule on the convention floor Tuesday.

Yes indeed! the children are at their party in Tampa, which hasn’t really even started yet, and they are already at each others throats, thanks to Mitt Romney and his super-rich backers.

By Nathaniel Downes   August 27, 2012      Addicting Info

In light of the new Romney power grab, some of the convention delegates are not taking the blatant attempt by the power brokers and fat cats of the central committee very well. In a bold move today, the Texas delegation is not just upset, it appears that they are leading a full on mutiny against the national party and the proposed rule changes.

What the rule changes would do would be to allow the candidate or party committee to veto any delegate they choose, in effect putting delegate seats up for the highest bid. The choice of high-wealth donors for the central committee’s own delegates demonstrates how the new system would work. To be a delegate would ultimately derive from how much money the person donated to the party. It strips away the democratic process and effectively puts the party up for sale.

The delay in the convention start due to Hurricane Issac has delayed the vote to overturn the proposed measure, but it is clear that Texas is not going to let anything like a little rain stop them. They are pushing to have the measure voted for on the floor of the convention tomorrow. With Romney only holding a 152 delegate hold on the nomination, any attempt to force the state of Texas with its 105 delegates for Romney into line could backfire badly on the presumptive nominee.

It was only two days ago that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson spoke before fans of Texas congressman Ron Paul. With Texas dissed at the convention, and the party given over to their corporate masters on a platter, perhaps the delegates should show that you do not mess with Texas.