Tuesday, September 04, 2012

DNC Charlotte: What’s Happened Thus Far?

   Not much going on as far as the convention is concerned, but, the protesters are another story.

   At around 3p.m. a standoff between the police and a group who were protesting for the release of Bradley Manning, a U.S. soldier accused by the government of leaking classified material to the WikiLeaks website.

   Charlotte Observer:

Earlier in the afternoon, as about 200 marchers tried to make their way up Stonewall Street, a crowd of about 300 police officers surrounded them, completely blocking off the intersection of Stonewall and Caldwell streets.

Protesters pitched a tent at the ordinarily busy intersection.

    This standoff happened about 2 blocks from the Charlotte Convention Center, and I can say that if the protesters wanted some press, then they sure got it as there were hundreds of the press in the area. it’s reported that there were actually thousands of press members there, but my eyes aren’t big enough to see them all.

   Oh yes, I make note that I did get rained on, again, but, it was worth it just to be here.

  There were many veterans in this protest who also told me that they seek more help for veterans who are without jobs and/or homes.