Thursday, September 06, 2012

Michelle Obama Tops Nielsen Ratings…

   … which means that she flat out kicked Ann Romney’s butt in the ratings game.Mitt didn’t have such a hot rating night either. In fact, the RNC overall was down while the Democrats were up.

Nielsen Ratings

The Nielsen Co. said about 26.2 million people watched the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C., where the first lady was the featured speaker.

Last week, Nielsen said 22.3 million watched the first night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., where potential first lady Ann Romney talked about her husband, Mitt.

More people watched the DNC convention on network TV (non-political junkies) this Tuesday than last:

ABC: 3,236,553
CBS: 3,268,520
NBC: 5,021,551
Total network: 11,526,624

ABC: 2,862,656
CBS: 3,118,927
NBC: 4,770,050
Total network: 10,751,633

  But wait! What about Twitter Feeds?

Clinton’s speech Wednesday night in Charlotte peaked at 22,087 tweets per minute, while Michelle Obama peaked at 28,003 TPM on Tuesday, according to Twitter. Clinton did do better on Twitter than Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who reached just 14,289 TPM last week at the Republican National Convention.