Friday, September 14, 2012

My Representative, Kathy Castor

“The Republican leadership in the U.S. Congress has canceled legislative work during October, meaning next Friday is our last legislative day until after the election. Their inaction is very troubling. Our community and nation face many challenges. By obstructing action on jobs and debt reduction, they are digging a deeper hole. We should remain in session to work on a sensible budget plan that cuts wasteful government spending and special interest tax loopholes. We cannot allow the cuts under sequestration to take effect. Our local economy, schools, universities, infrastructure and medical research initiatives will suffer under these cuts, as will MacDill Air Force Base and our national defense. Just today I read a report about how critical it is to invest in our ports for the sake of jobs and our economy. I urge the Republican leadership to reconsider and let us continue working for jobs and our economy.”                      SOURCE