Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obama wins 2nd Term. Now What Happens?

  On November 7, 2012, the American voter sent Republican Mitt Romney packing after turning him down as President of the United States, and choosing instead to give current President Barack Obama another term.This was a smart move on the part of the American population.

  Unfortunately, the people did not toss out the Republican obstructionist in the  House, giving them the majority, still. If anything needed to be changed with this election, it was the House membership on the Republican side as they are the ones who have crafted no meaningful jobs bill, or healthcare bills, or….

   This pretty much means that things in America will continue to slowly improve, which is not good enough. With less Republican’s in the House, and more Democrats, we might have gotten some useful bills created that would have helped all of us. That will not happen now for at least 2 years, when many house members will be up for re-election. Maybe America will learn its lesson by then, though they should have learned it it already. So, look forward to at least 2 more years of congressional gridlock as the Republican Party will continue to attempt to foil President Obama’s plans to keep the country moving in a forward direction. In case you have not noticed, they are already working on taking the country hostage once again over the upcoming debt ceiling fiasco.