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My Representative, Kathy Castor

“The Republican leadership in the U.S. Congress has canceled legislative work during October, meaning next Friday is our last legislative day until after the election. Their inaction is very troubling. Our community and nation face many challenges. By obstructing action on jobs and debt reduction, they are digging a deeper hole. We should remain in session to work on a sensible budget plan that cuts wasteful government spending and special interest tax loopholes. We cannot allow the cuts under sequestration to take effect. Our local economy, schools, universities, infrastructure and medical research initiatives will suffer under these cuts, as will MacDill Air Force Base and our national defense. Just today I read a report about how critical it is to invest in our ports for the sake of jobs and our economy. I urge the Republican leadership to reconsider and let us continue working for jobs and our economy.”                      SOURCE

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Romney’s Middle Class: $200,000 To $250,000 A Year

   Mitt Romney is not competent enough to shovel crap at a carnival, much less America.

  By innerlinbo on Fri Sep 14, 2012

So George Stephanopoulos interviewed Mitt Romney. It starts with a lot of projection about lying. But what really interested me was when they started talking about Mitt's budget plans.

George had the temerity to bring up that even the most forgiving analysis of Mitt's "plan" will require all tax deductions to be dropped for anyone earning over $100,000 a year.

Here's what Mitt came back with:

"Let me tell you, George, the fundamentals of my tax policy are these. Number one, reduce tax burdens on middle-income people. So no one can say my plan is going to raise taxes on middle-income people, because principle number one is keep the burden down on middle-income taxpayers," he (Mitt Romney) said.

Fortunately for us George asked a key question ...
(See the magical question and the more magical answer below the cream puff...)

George asked.... What's a middle-income taxpayer.

The answer:
"Romney defined middle income as $200,000 to $250,000 a year."

Let us pause for a minute and note that, according to the US Census Bureau in 2011 the top 5% of households were those with an annual income of $186,000 or more.

I'm more and more convinced that Mitt's candidacy is some elaborate piece of performance art.

To add a little whipped cream to that statement, Romney then goes on to say:
"Number two, don't reduce the share of taxes paid by the wealthiest. The top 5% will still pay the same share of taxes they pay today. That's principle one, principle two."

So, you're not going to raise taxes on middle-income taxpayers...
Who you define as those in the top 5%...
But the top 5% will still pay the same share of taxes...
And somehow the budget will be balanced...
While increasing defense spending and not cutting entitlement spending...

Andy Kaufman would be proud.

BREAKING: Libyan Govt. Makes First Embassy Killing Arrests

From The LibyaHerald:

Ansar Al-Sharia to be disbanded “by force if necessary” as first arrests made in connection with US Ambassador killing

Tripoli, 14 September:

It is being reported that four men have been arrested in Benghazi in connection with the murder of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Amercan diplomatic staff in the city on Tuesday night.  All are reported to be members of the extremist militia Ansar Al-Sharia led by Ismail Salabi.


Prime Minister-elect Mustafa Abushagour also told CNN on Thursday evening that a suspect had been arrested and that others were being sought. “Three or four are currently being pursued,” he said.

A source close to Abushagour has since told the Libya Herald that “some people” are now under arrest.

  Mitt Romney can flap his face all that he wants, but President Obama did promise that justice would be served while working with the Libyan government to catch these criminals. Off to a fast start thus far.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romney Smiles At News Of American Deaths In Libya

By Justin "Filthy Liberal Scum" Rosario  September 12, 2012

From Addicting Info  

Romney Smiles

This is Mitt Romney immediately after giving his poorly thought out statement to the press blaming the Obama administration for “sympathiz(ing) with those who waged the attacks.” Notice anything odd about him? Does that look like a man who just expressed disgust at the loss of American lives in Libya? Does he look disturbed that the President of the United States is supposedly taking the side of the Libyan rioters that killed them? Is that the face of a man who feels the weight of the responsibility of leadership in times of crises?

Not even a little.

This is the smile of a man who thinks he just landed a roundhouse in a political boxing match. This is the smile of a man who is using the death of Americans to score cheap political points. This is the smile of a man who couldn’t keep a smirk off his face long enough to be in private over his supposed “victory” that has turned into a debacle. This is the smile of a man who, literally, cares more about his campaign than the death of an American ambassador and several of his staff.

It’s one thing for the left to say that Mitt Romney is cold and indifferent to other people’s suffering. It’s quite another to see him smiling over how useful the deaths of others has been to him. This is not the face of the leader of a nation, this is the face of a sociopath, incapable of empathy or compassion. This is the real Mitt Romney and it’s a picture that every person in the country should see.

Obama Campaign Donates $1 Million To Romney Campaign

  This was just to good to pass up

  By WilliamKWolfrum Wed Sep 12, 2012

WASHINGTON – The re-election campaign for President Barack Obama has made a $1 million donation to the Mitt Romney campaign. The donation comes on the heels of Romney’s recent foray into foreign affairs, accusing Obama of sympathizing with Islamic extremists, despite the fact that it never happened and that Romney got just about everything about the situation wrong.

Sources close to the Obama campaign said they wanted to make the donation to give Romney more chances to appear on television so voters could see more of him.

“For a long time, we were worried about raising less money than the Romney campaign,” said an Obama campaign strategist. “Now we realize that it is an advantage for us. The more people see of Romney, the better things look for Barack.”

Romney – who when still and silent looks incredibly Presidential – has struggled with his mouth and thought process the entire campaign. From forgetting to mention the troops at the RNC Convention, to seeming completely detached to how much money he actually has, to blatantly lying about Obama’s Presidency, and much, much more, Romney has put himself in line to be the worst Republican nominee for President since John McCain.

The Team Obama source said that it is obvious that Romney gets stupider the more money he has, thus it is vital for him to speak as much as possible these next two months.

“He looks good, but the man has no clue, and we want to hear more from him,” said the source. “So we ask all Obama supporters to donate to the Romney campaign. Because the more people see Mitt, the more people will realize he has no business being anywhere near the Presidency.”


Crossposted at William K. Wolfrum Chronicles

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Romney and The Republican Party Pulling Another “ October Surprise “?

‘October Surprise’ In September? Romney Attacks Obama On Foreign Policy

By Jack Watkins September 12, 2012  Addicting Info

The Romney Campaign is trying to capitalize on Mideast events and Israeli-U.S. tensions over Iran nuclear program to gain election advantage.

In the aftermath of the mob attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in Eastern Libya, and the tragic killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. diplomatic officials late Tuesday evening; the Romney Campaign issued an ill-conceived attack on President Obama before all the facts had been sorted out, inflaming an already tense diplomatic situation.

While details of the mob attack on the U.S. Consulate were still murky and, indeed, even before confirmation of the deaths and identification of those killed, the Romney Campaign released a statement condemning Obama. Claiming “outrage” that the Obama Administration first response to attacks in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt was to “sympathize” with the mob, adding, “It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

Never to miss an opportunity to attack the president, even half-term Alaska Governor and defeated 2008 vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin issued a criticism on her Facebook Page, stating; “Apparently President Obama can’t see Egypt and Libya from his house.” The Obama Campaign was quick to respond through spokesman Ben LaBolt, who said of Romney, “We are shocked that, at a time when the United States of America is confronting the tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in Libya, Governor Romney would choose to launch a political attack.”

In fact, the attacks on the two American diplomatic missions, which had been sparked by an amateur You Tube Video maligning the Prophet Mohamed, prompted a statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “We are heartbroken by this terrible loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and those who have suffered in this attack,” she said of the dead officer. Clinton went on to deplore the violence, “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet,” she said. “The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

The attack by Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is yet another example of tasteless opportunism in the face of an inflammatory international situation and an attempt to capitalize politically on the tragic deaths of Americans serving their country. Smarting from low poll numbers relative to his lack of foreign policy experience, Romney has been making clumsy efforts to improve his credentials in this area. This is especially true after public criticism over his failure to even mention support for America’s military or the Afghanistan War, the longest in U.S. history, in his RNC acceptance speech .

While it is still only mid-September, the events of Tuesday could signal an “October Surprise” in the area of American foreign policy. Such presidential campaign tactics have historically had an impact on elections during the last few weeks leading up to the November voting. While world events have always been volatile on their own merit there has been rampant speculation, and more than a little ‘smoking gun’ evidence, to suggest that American politicians have frequently used the machinations of foreign events and personalities to boost their sagging campaigns and poll numbers.

The most notable example of this was during the lead-up to the 1980 Presidential Election, when American Embassy hostages were being held in Tehran, Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and were ‘miraculously released’ after 444-days of captivity; only after Ronald Reagan was sworn in on January 20, 1981. There is a wide body of evidence to more than suggest that the Reagan Campaign team made unspecified promises or assurances through intermediaries such as PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, for the Iranians to hold the hostages until Reagan’s election and Inauguration in order to doom Jimmy Carter’s reelection. A lengthy, detailed article by Robert Parry, published August 18th on, chronicles those events and raises the spectre of an Obama “October Surprise” relative to the Iranian nuclear program and recent increased tensions between Israel and the U.S. over a military course of action.

I highly recommend you read the entire article to compare and decided for yourself the similarities between 1980 and 2012, amazingly with many of the same player states…the U.S., Israel and Iran among them. I cite the first two paragraphs of this insightful article as instructive in that regard:

There is doubt in some quarters that Israel’s Likud government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would time an attack on Iran in the weeks before a U.S. election with the goal of dooming the incumbent Democratic president, Barack Obama, or forcing his hand to commit American military might in support of Israel.

But there was a precedent 32 years ago when another Likud government had grown alienated from the Democratic president and found itself in a position where it could help drive him from office by covertly assisting his Republican rivals in another crisis involving Iran.

Some telling indicators in the possible scenario of Romney Campaign ‘machinations’ in American foreign policy debate and decisions, can be traced back as far as his long friendship with Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the ultra-conservative Israeli Prime Minister, going back to their work as investment brokers in Boston in the 1970’s. Romney’s recent trip to Israel arranged by top foreign policy advisor and prominent Iraq War Neocon, Dan Senor and accompanied by mega-wealthy Romney Campaign donor Sheldon Adelson, may have set events in motion toward war between Israel and Iran before the 2012 Presidential Election, rather than allowing sanctions and diplomacy by the Obama Administration to effect a possible solution short of war.              Creative Commons License

Romney Gets $11.7 Million Windfall If Elected…

    and that windfall is based on Romney's plan to slash high income earners tax rates.

     From Addicting Info's Liberal Lamp Post

It really comes as no surprise that Mitt Romney has engaged in devilish tax evasion tactics to grow his massive fortune; however, few people understand the very pertinent conflict of financial interest the Republican presidential candidate is toting around in his overstuffed IRA.

Romney disclosed the value of his IRA, funded during his time at Bain Capital, at as much as $101 million (with a bottom value of $20 million). How he got that much money in an investment vehicle that tops out at $30,000 in contributions per year is an interesting question, and one that we will deal with in a moment.

First, let’s calculate the windfall Romney will receive if he succeeds in winning the presidency and passing the aggressive income tax cuts he is campaigning on. Since IRA withdraws are taxed at current income tax rates, here’s the breakdown of the taxes Romney will pay in our two scenarios:

  • If Obama wins in November, the presumption is the Bush tax cuts will expire and the base income tax rate for top-income earners will return to 39.6%. (It is currently 35% for the highest income earners.)

    • Thus, with Obama in the White House, Romney would potentially pay $40 million in taxes on his IRA balance upon withdrawal – or more as the balance continues to grow over the next five years.
  • If Romney wins the election, he has promised to enact steep income tax cuts, under which plan the top tier of income earners would start with a base rate of 28%before deductions.
    • Thus, under his own tax plan, Romney would pay about $28.3 million in taxes – a savings of $11.7 million (just in IRA taxes, not counting other income sources).

So, saving almost $12 million in personal income is one thing Romney has to gain from prevailing against Obama. Now, let’s back up to how Romney ended up with over $100 million in his IRA in the first place – by using an “every-trick-in-the-book” strategy to defer taxes on tens of millions of dollars in income he earned at Bain.

IRAs aren’t meant as a tax shelter. The legal limit for yearly IRA contributions in most cases is $6,000, and the average American has well under $100,000 saved in an IRA. At Bain, Romney used an SEP-IRA, which is employer-funded and maxes out at $30,000 per year in contributions. Most reports and experts suggest that Romney grew his IRA exponentially by trickery; rolling profits earned from business ventures into the tax-deferred account, such as Bain’s rapid 289% return after investing in the credit rating agency Experian, buying it for $87 million in 1996 and flipping it for $252 million only seven weeks later.

Romney’s ruthless Machiavellian-ism isn’t going unnoticed. Last month, three Democratic lawmakers took action by writing to the Treasury and Labor Departments about Romney’s inventive tax shelter. In the letter, Reps. George Miller (D-CA), Sander Levin (D-MI), and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), asserted that the wealthy should not be allowed to exploit tax deferments designed to provide for retirement by using them to shelter “massive assets.” The congressmen are asking officials to evaluate IRA contribution loopholes that allow for the “wrongful tax evasion” that is suspected in Romney’s case.

If all this really gets you angry about income inequality and the slow, painful death rattle of the American dream, I hope that you’ll turn yourself out at the polls come November.           Creative Commons License

    Also, Romney contributor Sheldon Adelson could gain as much as $2 Billion in tax savings under a Romney administration.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mitt Romney: Does He Really Want The White House?

Limelite does not think so, and after reading their post, neither will you.

Mon Sep 10, 2012

Because I've been noticing something in the air, something about the body language, something about the chaos surrounding Mitt's campaign. . .Because njhoo's current Rec List diary, spurred me from silence to expression. . . Because I woke up this AM and found myself thinking, "Romney doesn't want to be president," I will say this.

What I will say is just a personal response to a general feeling I have about the man.  Poor man.  And that is this:  He is terrified of the possibility of being elected.

I mean, look at him.  He appears nervous, stiff, ill at ease no matter what the public venue.  He looks like a man searching for a way out of windowless room.  Listen to him.  He makes endless gaffs.  Are they really gaffs?  Or are they honest remarks that somehow escape his efforts to suppress them?  He gives every impression that he wants to utter that one unconscionable thing that will bring out the hook that blessedly yanks him off the boards.

Romney looks to me like a man who doesn't want to do this any more, who knows, deep in his being, that he doesn't qualify for an appearance on the world stage as president of the United States.

I look at Willard "Mitt" Romney and see a man who desperately wants someone to save him from the mad carousel he's on that has him spinning and tilting, leaning one way, then another, clinging desperately to a slippery pole, trying to appear at ease.  He looks like a man who got on a horse that he can't ride.  He looks like a poor little rich kid who has been bullied by his frat brothers to take a dare that appeared to be a harmless thrill when seen from the front porch but when he gets in the action, turns out to be dangerous rumble in the street.  He looks like a boy on a high dive, who knows the only way down if he doesn't want to humiliate himself is to take the plunge even though he knows he can't swim.  He looks like an infant who wants his mommy.

Just look at him.  It's hard not to feel a pang of sympathy.

His handlers keep telling him he's got a chance to win; they stuff skewed polls under his breakfast croissant that show him neck-and-neck with President Obama; they croon in his ear that the Republican base sees him as the Great White Hope who will "take back" the country from the upstart n-word.  They remind him that lots of powerful people have invested millions of dollars in to protect their interests.

His wife -- oh, his wife -- has his back -- she may be holding the knife of her ambition in the hand that presses against his spine, but she has his back.  She's staked her reputation by publicly touting him as a loving partner and on his appearance of being a humble and caring man.  He can't disappoint her.

His sons -- they worship him, they want to be like him, and at least one of them may be better at what he's trying to do than he is himself.  He can't disillusion them.

Who can save him?

From where he stands, it looks like only he can save himself -- at least for long enough until some hero comes along and pulls his bacon out of the fire.  Like the reincarnation of movie John Wayne.

How can he save himself without destroying the illusion, without breaking his marital bonds, without indemnifying his investors, without appearing to be a hopeless failure?

He can do only one thing.

He can make himself inadequate. 

He can say the "right" things that move him farther and farther to the right of where the country is and closer and closer to where the 25% of the Tea Party lunatic fringe is.  This will push him beyond the pale of moderate Republican voters.

He can appear dull witted enough to not know his own mind so that the voters who despise candidates they label flip-floppers will turn their backs on him.

He can couch racial insults among euphemisms, muffle them as whistles only a dog can hear so that those sentiments will strike empathy among his base but be unattributable as his own.  That will alienate those inured to deciphering code and catching the silent shrill of a dog whistle.

He can treat his dear wife, Ann, graciously, let the public see how he adores her, maintain a posture of endless courtesy and good manners but affirm nothing that lets women voters feel assured that they have rights equal to his own or that he will fight for them.

He can draw the veil and just not see the plight of the downtrodden, or the immigrant, or the "preexisting condition," or the unskilled laborer, or the homeless, or the man or woman who lives on Main Street, not Park Avenue or Wall Street.  Perhaps, even if they're invisible, not too many of them will be disenfranchised.

All he need do is be likeably inept for the next 60 days and the looming terror of being president of the United States will fall on the shoulders of someone of stronger character, of greater intelligence, and of profound abilities and qualifications who will assume the responsibility of doing for him and the Nation what needs to be done.  If he can only be inadequate enough, President Barrack Obama will save him.

And that is what I think Willard Romney is doing.


Democrats pick up Clinton's Medicaid call

Joan McCarter for Daily Kos   Mon Sep 10, 2012

Here's a quick reminder of a short, but key, element of President Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC last week. Because it's just too good not to share again.

They also want to block-grant Medicaid, and cut it by a third over the coming 10 years. Of course, that’s going to really hurt a lot of poor kids. But that’s not all. Lot of folks don’t know it, but nearly two-thirds of Medicaid is spent on nursing home care for Medicare seniors who are eligible for Medicaid. […]

And a lot of that money is also spent to help people with disabilities, including a lot of middle-class families whose kids have Down syndrome or autism or other severe conditions. And honestly, let’s think about it, if that happens, I don’t know what those families are going to do.

While the Romney/Ryan cuts to Medicare have gotten the most attention in the election thus far, the Medicaid cuts they propose are much worse. They're worse because they'll go into effect immediately, and because they'll hurt not just the elderly, but also children and the disabled. President Clinton brought much needed attention to those facts, and Democrats are preparing to take up his call.

Democrats are poised to open a new and potent attack on Mitt Romney’s proposed governing agenda. And they have Bill Clinton to thank. [...]

In a statement to reporters Thursday, Neera Tanden of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund previewed the attack, including a gracious tip of the hat to Clinton.

“Last night, President Clinton reminded the country that the Romney-Ryan plan would slash federal Medicaid spending by one-third over the next 10 years,” Tanden said. “The brunt of these cuts will be borne by elderly and disabled Americans, who receive two-thirds of all Medicaid benefits. Millions of seniors who rely on Medicaid to pay for nursing homes and other long-term care would see their benefits drop by an average of $2,500 a year. Millions of poor children would also lose critical health coverage. To look into the eyes of a poor child and say we can’t afford health care for her, but we can afford massive tax cuts for the well off and well connected is not politically courageous. It is cruel. The Romney-Ryan plan will not move us forward, it will only take us backward.”

All of the cuts Romney and Ryan have proposed are draconian, needlessly so. But none of them compare in terms of sheer cruelty to what they want to do to Medicaid. There are few American families who don't have to think about what would happen if ...? What happens if a child is born with a disability, or comes down with a severe chronic illness? What happens if a parent gets Alzheimers, or just reaches a level of infirmity that requires a nursing home?

That's everyday life for the millions who rely on Medicaid. And it's an issue that will resonate.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fox Hires Romney Advisers To Attack Obama – Fails To Disclose They Work For Romney’s Campaign

By Don Hamel   September 9, 2012   from AddictingInfo

The idea that Fox News, News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch exist primarily as a conservative propaganda machine is a clich√©, inasmuch as it is ‘the oft-repeated truth. Therein lies the problem: Those of us who are aware of it, have seen so very many instances of it we’re almost numbed. Our capacity for outrage has been overloaded. There’s an all-pervasive marriage to wealth and government influence in News Corp. that even their scandals don’t truly faze us much anymore; like Old Faithful, it’s an amazing spectacle that seems unfathomable when you first see it, but when you watch it happen at 45 minute intervals every day, you take it pretty much for granted.

Media Matters is reporting that Elaine Chao, a ‘Fox News Contributor,’ was recently appointed the national chair of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Romney, a fact that Fox has failed to divulge during her appearances. She is far from the only regular contributor attached to the Romney campaign:

Fox News contributors John Bolton and Walid Phares, and Fox regular Jay Sekulow, have all appeared on the network to criticize Obama without disclosing they’re Romney advisers. Fox News contributor Pete Snyder is the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia’s 2012 co√∂rdinated committee. And Fox News contributor Karl Rove is the co-founder and adviser for the super PAC American Crossroads, which is spending tens of millions of dollars to defeat Democrats.

Fox and the G.O.P. have a relationship so close they finish each others sentences. Hell, they write each others sentences. But with the Romney campaign, News Corp has basically absorbed it. From the outside it’s impossible to say which entity is in charge of hiring the others staff; in truth, they are one and the same.

Because not only is Elaine Chao a Romney staffer and a Fox News contributor, she’s been nominated to join its Board of Directors.

The Wall Street Journal, A News Corp holding, reports:

Ms. Chao, a cabinet member in the second Bush administration, is the wife of Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.Prior to her nomination, Ms. Chao appeared on News Corp.’s Fox News channel in various segments as a contributor, News Corp. said

As you can see, they’re similarly coy about mentioning her connection to the Romney campaign. You have to wonder at News Corp feeling such a need for discretion; they don’t mind announcing her marriage to McConnell, a man who has somehow misunderstood his role in government to include the taking down of the executive branch (Perhaps he’s employed by Murdoch,as well. They are of a single purpose in that goal).

But nobody wants to come out and say it: News Corp and the Romney campaign are one entity. There is no division, not on the air, not in the boardroom.

If we can’t somehow extricate this media juggernaut and the political insiders it has embedded in our government, then what we are witnessing is the first chapter of a new history in the United States. These practices go beyond ‘blurring the line’ between two bodies, one of whom was created as the watchdog against the other; this is infiltration of our government, by the corporate oligarchy. This is propaganda, disseminated from a media giant, in bed with political extremists in our body politic.

Creative Commons License

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mitt Romney: 616 Lies In 33 Week Time Period. Breaks Bush’s Record

By Ann Werner   September 8, 2012            Addicting Info

Some may recall the Pants On Fire George W. Bush doll that Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream put out in 2004 to illustrate the lies of the Bush administration. I own one and it still hangs proudly from my bookcase in my home office. However, the torch has been passed, and passed in a big way. I will have to remove the cowboy boots and hat, replace them with wingtips and add a bit of gray at the temples, maybe trade in the duds for a Brooks Brothers suit, and paste a picture of Mitt Romney’s face over the one on my Pants On Fire doll because Mitt has left George in the dust. In fact, Mitt has left every lying candidate this country has ever seen in the dust.

Fred Clark is an evangelical blogger with some heavy-duty religious credentials, and that adds a particular gravitas to his August 29 blog detailing 533 lies told by Mitt Romney in 30 weeks. That’s right, 533 verifiable, checkable lies told by a candidate running for the top job in the country. To be fair, Mr. Clark isn’t the person who compiled the list. That task was accomplished by Steve Benen, and Benen is cited as the source in Clark’s blog. But Mr. Clark took the time to go through each of Mr. Benen’s articles, starting with the first salvo on January 6, 2012 in the Washington Monthly’s Political Animal Blog and wrapping up with the August 17, 2012 piece written for the Maddow Blog.

Here is the list provided in Clark’s article: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, XXX.

Romney pollster Neil Newhouse famously proclaimed “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.” This has proven to be true. Because even though Romney’s pants are ablaze, he continues to repeat and repeat and repeat the same lies over and over and over again. He and the Republican Party are counting on the until now proven fact that if one repeats a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Even when it’s still a lie. And they just don’t care.

In his blog, Mr. Clark invites scrutiny and then allows that some will pooh-pooh the assertions and wriggle around the lie to stretch it into something that resembles a weak imitation of the truth. However, as he points out, all of the lies cannot be whitewashed and at least half of those listed just can’t be explained away. And yet, because there’s always an and yet, those too will continue to be repeated and defended by people who refuse to see the truth. That refusal is evident when one examines the comments to Mr. Clark’s article.

You might wonder what lies Romney has told since week 30, so I went looking for them. An additional 83 lies brings the grand total as of September 7 to 616 and still counting. Thank you, Mr. Benin, for doing such a great job! XXXI, XXXII, XXXIII

And thank, you Fred Clark, for being an upstanding man who practices what he preaches, namely to keep the Ten Commandments, the ninth of which is Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Now if only Mitt Romney would get the message.

Mitt Romney: Another NASCAR Event, Still Out Of Touch

   I am really surprised that the Romney campaign staff still have the nerve to let Mitt out in public places.

  By  Billionaires for Wealthcare  Sat Sep 08, 2012       Original

I'm gonna miss Mittens.  The comic relief he's provided has been priceless.   It's been one gaffe after another.  And you'd think his incompetent staff would have learned by now, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Pardon me, do you have some Grey Poupon?

Mittens spent the afternoon desperately trying to act like a guy you'd like to have a non-alcoholic beer with, handing out FREE hot dogs at a NASCAR race in Richmond, Virginia.

If you remember. earlier this year, Romney really screwed up, insulting working class NASCAR fans by making fun of their poor rain jackets and saying he didn't follow NASCAR but had dear friends who owned NASCAR racing teams.

A competent campaign staff, knowing Mittens is genetically gaffe prone ("My dad was brainwashed in Viet Nam") and unable to interact with regular people would keep Romney away from the public, but these clowns (no offense to Bozo) never learn.

So today they trotted Mittens out to a NASCAR event for the sequel: Gaffe Theft Auto II.

He was asked who was his favorite NASCAR driver, and he replied, ..... wait for it....  "I've got a lot of drivers I like. Thanks."   Source.


You could here the echo of Palin saying, "all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years", when she was asked what newspapers do you read.

If you are going to show up to a baseball game or football game, you can expect someone to ask you, what is your favorite team, who is your favorite player.  It's basic.   And yet, they couldn't even prep Mittens for this.

And even if you don't know a single thing about NASCAR, you could have answered Danica Patrick.   How could he not know about her!?!?!?!?  She's ubiquitous with her Super Bowl ads and various interviews.

I guess Lady Ann hasn't told Mitty that a woman race car driver exists.   Meanwhile, Lady Ann was holding a white-working-class rally at .....  wait for it..... the Twin Oaks Riding Academ(source).  Hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhaha.   You couldn't make this satire up if you tried.