Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Satire: Sandy, Obama, and Republicans

   Bill Maher on Hurricane Sandy: “Everyone is asking how this storm is going to affect the election. I think it’s given Obama momentum because of how he handled it. He approached it so differently than Bush; he showed up."

"Obama's been getting bipartisan praise for how he handled the hurricane. Even Fox News tried to praise it. Of course, they're heart's not in it. The best they could do was Pat Buchana said, "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie.'"

"Of Fox News they're obsessed with Benghazi. They want answers. They're like a teen boy reaching into a pair of panties for the first time. They're not sure what it is, they're not sure where it is but they know there's something in there and they're going to find it."

"What happened is Romney had a rally where they bought $5,000 worth of canned goods from Wal-Mart, handed them out to their supporters, and then had their supporters pretend to be giving them to the victims for the cameras. Because that's what Mitt is all about -- people. People pretending to help people. Later on he gave blood, then stole it back and chugged it."

Jay Leno: "They did not have Halloween in New Jersey Wednesday night. Governor Chris Christie postponed it by executive order until Monday. However, he did spend the day scaring Republicans by praising President Obama."

"Italy's former prime minster Sylvia Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years in prison for tax evasion. You know what you get in America for tax evasion? The Republican presidential nomination."

"Last night I answered the door and there was a kid lying on the porch. He was playing dead. I said: 'What are you supposed to be?' He said: 'the economy.'"

David Letterman : “ Well, it’s over, and as usual, the guy from Kenya won.”

"Mitt Romney is reminding everybody about changing your clocks. He's urging his voters, his constituents, and all Americans to turn your clocks back to 1954."

"It took hurricane-force winds to blow a Democrat and a Republican together."

Jimmy Fallon: "This week the U.S. unveiled a larger, more convenient checkpoint at the border with Mexico. And then Mexicans unveiled a larger, more convenient tunnel around it."

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obama wins 2nd Term. Now What Happens?

  On November 7, 2012, the American voter sent Republican Mitt Romney packing after turning him down as President of the United States, and choosing instead to give current President Barack Obama another term.This was a smart move on the part of the American population.

  Unfortunately, the people did not toss out the Republican obstructionist in the  House, giving them the majority, still. If anything needed to be changed with this election, it was the House membership on the Republican side as they are the ones who have crafted no meaningful jobs bill, or healthcare bills, or….

   This pretty much means that things in America will continue to slowly improve, which is not good enough. With less Republican’s in the House, and more Democrats, we might have gotten some useful bills created that would have helped all of us. That will not happen now for at least 2 years, when many house members will be up for re-election. Maybe America will learn its lesson by then, though they should have learned it it already. So, look forward to at least 2 more years of congressional gridlock as the Republican Party will continue to attempt to foil President Obama’s plans to keep the country moving in a forward direction. In case you have not noticed, they are already working on taking the country hostage once again over the upcoming debt ceiling fiasco.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama Wins 2nd Term

  So Mitt Romney is out of the political arena, finally.

  Florida was pretty much didn’t matter by the time the states votes were in, which was a relief.

  I’ll have more later.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012: Re-Elect Barack Obama

  Well today is the day that hopefully many more American’s than is usual will go to their polling places and vote for either wanna-be-king Mitt Romney as the next President, or for the current President, Barack Obama, giving him four more years to continue cleaning up the mess that George Bush and the Republican crime family made over their eight year reign of terror.

   The logical choice is very simple, and that would be to keep Barack Obama in the White House for another term because the man has accomplished quite a bit during his first four years despite Republican efforts to make the American economy worse by not passing any bills that would have created more jobs for the veterans and the population in general.

  Despite the lies from Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts, the middle-class is paying less taxes under Obama, and so is everyone else, especially the rich thanks to George Bush’s tax cuts and Obama extending them. I did not agree with the extension and I hope that it dies a horrible death at the end of the year.

   I’m not sure about you, but I do not want someone like Mitt Romney in the White House who has been to afraid to give the people any kind of actual policy that he would implement once in office, other than to defund Planned Parenthood and to repeal Obama Romneycare, and to give even more tax cuts to the wealthy when we are at 50 year lows for our tax rates. This plan just continues the Republican goal of starving the government of resources to keep its programs from working in order to privatize even more agencies.

   You should also be weary of any man who follows a religion that thinks that it is okay to lie to others about anything as long as they are not fellow Mormons. We all know that Romney has the lying part down very well.

  We do not need Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the White House now, or ever.

  Do the right thing for yourself and for your fellow man and RE-ELECT BARACK OBAMA!

   Don’t let dumb, stupid, and ignorant Tea Party members and the rest of the Republican Party destroy what is left of our great country.

Race And The 2012 Election

dumb voters

  Today is the day that America decides if President Obama will get a deserved 2nd term, or if Republican Mitt Romney will move into the White house in January, putting this country back on the path to the dark side as Ro0mney will be a 3rd Bush term on steroids. Tuesday will also tell us just how stupid Americans are or whether they have wised up over the past 4 years.

  That being said:

I never believed the post racial narrative of 2008, but I didn’t expect the venom of  the Tea Party and their hideously racist signs.I consoled myself with the fact that this kind of virulent racism is largely confined to older white voters and that in 20 years (or less) this ugliness will pass. (Unfortunately, I probably won't be around to see it.)

However the 2012 election has made it painfully clear that this is not just  a problem of overt Tea Party racism.  Something else is going on.  According to an  Associate Press poll:

I never believed the post racial narrative of 2008, but I didn’t expect the venom of  the Tea Party and their hideously racist signs.I consoled myself with the fact that this kind of virulent racism is largely confined to older white voters and that in 20 years (or less) this ugliness will pass. (Unfortunately, I probably won't be around to see it.)

However the 2012 election has made it painfully clear that this is not just  a problem of overt Tea Party racism.  Something else is going on.  According to an  Associate Press poll:

Racial attitudes have not improved in the four years since the United States elected its first black president, an Associated Press poll finds, as a slight majority of Americans now express prejudice toward blacks whether they recognize those feelings or not.” The poll also found an increase from 2008 when 48 percent of Americans expressed implicitly racist attitudes compared to 51% in 2012.

And although the Democratic Party is certainly not free of racism, today’s virtually all white Republican party is  "full of racists,"  as   Colin Powell's former chief of staff Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson told  MSNBC's Ed Schultz: :

My party, unfortunately, is the bastion of those people -- not all of them, but most of them -- who are still basing their positions on race. Let me just be candid: My party is full of racists, and the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander-in-chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin, and that's despicable.

The uptick in both implicit and explicit racism  helps explain some of the puzzling aspects of the 2012 campaign such as the dramatic shift in the race after the first debate. How did that debate change the trajectory of the race so much so quickly?
Salon’s Joan Walsh’s speculates:

Still, it’s worth asking (even if we don’t have answers) why Obama’s first debate performance seemed to have hurt him so badly with white voters, and particularly white working-class men. My hunch is that apart from racism or cultural distrust (which certainly exist), working-class whites are more affected by whether Obama seems ready to fight for them.


I don’t understand how anyone who read the transcript of the first debate would conclude that Romney’s lies and inconsistencies trumped Obama’s more thoughtful responses, but of course nobody reads the transcript. This was all about who best projected leadership and apparently most people saw Romney’s manic posturing as dynamic leadership.

My explanation: deeply (and in many cases not so deeply) buried assumptions about white superiority are still an unfortunate part of the American psyche. My guess is many white people (particularly white men) over 50 boarding a plane would have a twinge of anxiety at hearing that their pilot was black and my guess is that it might be more than a twinge if they learned their pilot was a black woman. I think Romney tapped into the fear that maybe a black guy just wasn’t up to the job and fixing the economy required a white knight in shining armor.

The crazy belief that Obama cannot speak without a teleprompter is held by Tea Party fanatics but there is something more subtle at work with some white voters. Melissa Harris Perry wrote about this in 2011 in her nation column, “Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama.”  She acknowledged that crude Tea Party racism is now mostly confined to the political margins, but that Obama’s  re-election bid, however, “may indicate that a more insidious form of racism has come to replace it:”

The 2012 election may be a test of another form of electoral racism: the tendency of white liberals to hold African-American leaders to a higher standard than their white counterparts. If old-fashioned electoral racism is the absolute unwillingness to vote for a black candidate, then liberal electoral racism is the willingness to abandon a black candidate when he is just as competent as his white predecessors.

Perry compares liberal/ progressives’ responses to the Clinton and Obama administrations. Her focus is on progressive response to the president, but her comments I think have broader application:

[President Obama’s] record is, at the very least, comparable to that of President Clinton, who was enthusiastically re-elected. The 2012 election is a test of whether Obama will be held to standards never before imposed on an incumbent. If he is, it may be possible to read that result as the triumph of a more subtle form of racism.

I think Obama’s record is far more impressive than Clinton’s, but agree with Perry that Obama has been held to a higher standard and this (at least in part) explains the sudden, dramatic shift on the part of the electorate after the first debate .

If Obama wins, let’s hope that the double standard Perry describes finally begins to fade away.

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