Thursday, November 29, 2012

Carly Fiorina Complains About ‘Rich’ Public Employees On ‘Meet The Press’

   Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina now has a problem with public sector workers making to much money. This come from someone who ran HP into the ground on her watch and fired thousands of workers after she made HP pretty much worthless.

Elisabeth Parker has the story on Fiorina’s latest bullshit.

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“It is not fair that public employee union pensions and benefits are so rich now,” Carly Fiorina — vice chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and former chair and CEO of Hewlett-Packard — whined to host David Gregory and her fellow panelists during the Fiscal Cliff segment of MSNBC’s November 25th edition of Meet the Press.

This, coming from a woman whose yearly net worth is $80 million, despite her incompetence and colossal failures at everything she attempts. It never even occurs to individuals with her massive sense of entitlement that the $38,461.54 Fiorina makes PER HOUR for screwing up is more than most of us earn in an ENTIRE YEAR for competent or superior job performance. Like some sort of Bizarro-World King Midas, everything Fiorina touches turns to sh*t while her bank accounts turn to gold:

As vice chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, she presided over resounding defeats and the loss of two GOP senate seats in this year’s election. Way to go, Carly.

As chair and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Fiorina became the FIRST WOMAN to lead a successful and legendary Fortune 20 company to the brink of collapse and a 50% decline in stock price (which rebounded by 10% when she was ousted in 2005). According to Andy Barr’s 2010 article in Politico, Fiorina fired 28,000 workers and walked away with a $21 million “golden parachute,” which financed her forays into politics.

As consultant for 2008 Presidential Candidate John McCain and fundraising chairman for the Republican National Committee, Fiorina’s popular war hero lost the election to an unknown African American with rather unfortunate middle and last names.

As a senate candidate for the State of California running against established Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer, Fiorina repelled Californian voters with her homophobic, pro-global warming, anti-tax (and anti-demon sheep) platform.

  Fiorina’s statement was in response to her co-panelist Reverend Al Sharpton’s (Host, MSNBC’s Politics Nation; Founder and President, National Action Network) assertion that in order for Congress to hammer out a deal and avoid the ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ in a way that is palatable for voters would mean raising taxes on individuals who make more than $250K per year:

“This is about fairness.  Why do we need to deal with the tax on the rich first?  Because we must assure Americans we’re dealing with fairness.  We keep talking about shared sacrifice, there was not shared wealth and shared prosperity.  So you’re asking people that didn’t enjoy the good times to share in paying for the tab that they never enjoyed.”

To which Fiorina replied:

“Let us accept Rev. Al’s point and the president’s point about fairness. But equally, it is not fair that public employee union pensions and benefits are so rich now that cities and states are going bankrupt and college tuition is going up 25 and 30 percent or police and firefighters are being cut. There’s a lot that isn’t fair right now.”

Of course, Fiorina has absolutely no clue when it comes to the concept of fairness. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the average annual earnings of top one-percenters like her grew a whopping 156% from 1979-2007, while the bottom 90%’s wages — including both public and private sector employees — grew only 17% in the same time period.

And neither the unions — nor their public sector employees — are getting “rich,” as Fiorina claims. How many retired teachers and DMV employees do you know of who can afford to finance their own US senate campaign? According to AFSCME’s The Truth About Public Service Worker’s Pensions fact sheet, The average public service worker earns less than $45,000 per year and receives around $19,000 per year upon retiring after long careers in serving their communities.

You can see MSNBC’s November 25th edition of Meet the Press in the video below:

Sunday’s panel was hosted by journalist David Gregory, covered a range of topics, and also included the following guests:  US Representative Peter King (R-NY, House Intelligence Committee); Carl Levin (D-MI, Chairman, Armed Services Committee); US Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY, Represents Far Rockaway, Queens New York); David Cote (Chairman & CEO, Honeywell); David Brooks (Columnist, New York Times); Ken Burns (Documentary Filmmaker); and Andrea Mitchell (NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent).