Thursday, October 31, 2013

The House Republican Conference wants to hear your Obamacare horror story. Here's mine.

  By BigDuck

I got an email from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Chair, House Republicans, telling me that "Obamacare" is a disaster.

Have you or someone you know lost health care coverage as a result of the President’s health care law?  Tell us your story by clicking here.  We want to hear if you or someone you know lost insurance as a result of Obamacare because these stories are the reason House Republicans continue focusing on patient-centered reforms not government-centered health care.
She provided a helpful Web site:, and invited me to tell my story.  So I did.  And so should you!

My story:

My family was on an individual plan with Blue Cross of Texas for almost 10 years.  Each year, the premiums went up, sometimes by 10 or 20 percent.  The only way we could keep the premiums affordable was to accept higher and higher deductibles, and higher co-pays.  
By 2009, even a $10,000 deductible was not enough to keep premiums affordable.  We were worried that we would soon not be able to afford health care coverage at all.

I was eligible for coverage on a different Blue Cross plan with my union, but did not sign up because it did not cover my adult children.  Starting January of 2010, this union plan was required to cover my adult children because of Obamacare.  I signed up. 

Our premiums went down by $234 dollars a month, thanks to Obamacare.  Our deductible went from Ten Thousand Dollars to One Thousand Dollars, again, thanks to Obamacare.  Plus, the new plan covers dental and vision care, which the old plan did not.

Under the new, union sponsored plan, our premiums have not gone up in the past three years.  I'm sure that under our old plan, they would have continued going up by 10 or 20 percent each year, as they did during the previous 10 years. 

Now the oldest of our daughters is 26, and must seek coverage on her own.  Fortunately, she lives in a Democratic state, where the Healthcare Marketplace works.

I want to thank Leader Pelosi, Leader Reid, and President Obama for making it possible to take my family to the doctor when they need it.

Update Noon, Oct. 31
Wow, thanks people, first time on Rec list, etc.

I knew this was an issue that resonated, I just didn't know how much.  There are millions of people out there who, like me, were teetering on the edge of medical disaster, and it would be be nice if the so-called-liberal-media would feature some of our stories. 

Apparently the President and Congressional leaders assumed that:
a)Most states would set up their own exchanges to help their citizens/tax payers/voters get medical care for their families, and
b)All states would be required to accept the Medicaid expansion, which would have covered people who do not make enough to qualify for ACA subsidies.

Well, those of us from deep red states could have predicted which states would refuse to set up their own exchanges/marketplaces, but I don't think anybody knew that the Supreme Court would make the Medicaid expansion optional. 

So here we are.  The R's are spinning this as a big disaster.  Those of us who are benefiting and know it need to shout louder.

   Published by BigDuck at Daily Kos on Wed Oct 30, 2013