Sunday, January 05, 2014

The New Year.........Thus Far

   So, how has your new year been thus far? Better than mine, I'll bet.
   Since this is just one of those lazy Sundays with nothing better to do than to wait for the NFL games to come on the television, I figured that I would give a little bit of insight into my year thus far.  It has not been pleasant.
   The year started out great with the usual New Years Eve parties and all ofthe drinking that goes with it. It was the next day when things began to go south.
  First of, on the 2nd, I awoke in the midst of a low blood sugar seizure from my diabetes. This is never a pretty sight. Picture an epileptic seizure on steroids. Mine are pretty violent and bloody. Only to myself, though.  Between kicking the walls while being down on the floor, and banging my fists into the floor, I ended up with a bloodied big toe along with the one next to it on my right foot. I also ended up with some carpet burns on both of my knees.  This was actually a mild seizure.
  Of course, the year started out cloudy and dreary with rain thrown in for good measure, and it stayed that way up until this morning, pretty much.
  I spent the 3rd day of the year recuperating from the seizure on the 2nd because the muscles are very stiff and sore after having one of these episodes. No big deal.
  Then came this morning. Once again, I woke up in the middle of a seizure, but this one was really mild. Only a little bit of pain from the sore muscles and a headache.
   It dawned on me this morning that yesterday was the anniversary of my getting diabetes. 43 years of injecting insulin into myself to stay alive. So, I guess that the seizure was just a little reminder.
  I may just sleep through the rest of today..