Monday, August 11, 2014

Time For Real Journalists To Hold McCain's Feet To The Fire

Retroactive Genius on Monday, August 11, 2014

The spiteful and embittered old sack of bile that is John McCain was on the box on Sunday, as he is every damn Sunday, attacking President Obama. The irresponsible old fool who gave us Caibou Barbie and enabled the Tea Party was, as usual, questioning the President's judgement.

On CNN's "State of the Union," McCain blamed the deteriorating situation in Iraq on America's failure to leave forces behind in Iraq.
It was at this point that Candy Crowley should have jumped in and said:
"Evidently, Senator, you need to be reminded that it was President George W. Bush who negotiated and signed the Status of Forces Agreement in December 2008 that legally obliged the US to withdraw its forces by 2011. The Obama administration tried to renegotiate those terms to keep US forces on the ground for longer but the Iraqi government refused to grant immunity to our troops, so no agreement could be reached. The Iraqi government wanted us gone, Senator."
But McCain was allowed to get away with his contemptible revising of history. McCain went on to tell Crowley:
“I predicted what was going to happen in Iraq," he said."

He certainly did. Let's do what Crowley should have done and what Chris Hayes did do last month and revisit McCain's 'predictions':

John McCain predictions

  For whatever reason, the video would not load, so a link is the best that I can do. Sorry about that. 

Look, you either hold this unprincipled and mendacious old buffoon to account or stop asking the fool for his worthless opinions: either way, do your goddamned job, journalists.

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