Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bush Not Speaking To Iran, Yet

   Having now finally read some of Bush's speech, I think that I will go throw-up.

   I'm not even done reading the crap yet and so far all I've read is 'we think this ' or ' we think that ' but overall ' we really don't know shit.'

   Bush did say that he would be willing to enter into talks with Iran after they prove that they have stopped their nulear weapons pursuits. Bush did rule out any form of talks for the time being.

   Before the Bush press conference, Iran's former president, Hashemi Rafsanjani, said that Tehran would "remove obstacles" blocking negotiations with the US if Washington were to show "good will".

"Any time the United States sends a signal showing good will in its dealings with Iran, we will in return remove obstacles in the way of negotiations," the official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted Rafsanjani as saying.  Al-Jazeera

   Let me tell you this much. when a country like Iran decides that it will be open for talk, then you had best take advantage of it while you can. Unfortunately, the fool in the White house and his money laundering friends have allready made up their minds to do the same as they have with the other countries that they do not like, clam-up, shut-up, and then screw-up!


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