Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Outside Look At Bush Speech

   Since I've been down because of computer problem this afternoon, I've pretty much missed the Crime Family press conference earlier today and probably a few other things.

   So I am playing catch up, sort of. I am just posting opinions on the news conference from others for the time being, until I can watch it later on.  Sorry folks.

   From Josh Marshall at TPM:

Let me briefly explain how it looks to us.

The president is intentionally dodging the key issue of whether the arms in question are going to people killing Americans because of decisions by the Iranian government or its agents or whether they are getting there through black market transfers. If you listen to what the president says the statement is intentionally crafted to ignore this issue while seeming to address it. This wording is not off-hand.

What the president wants people to think is that the only remaining question is whether the orders are coming from the highest eschelons of the Iranian government or whether an arm of the Iranian government is freelancing. CNN at least seems to have been taken in by the dodge, reporting that the president is saying the same thing as Gen. Pace. That's not our understanding. Again, the president's statement today was intentionally misleading. We'll have more to unpack it shortly.

Late Update: Here's our update.

Bush: To be patriotic you don't have to agree with my policy, but you do have to support it.


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1 Comment:

Beonda Pale said...

I heard some of the News conference in my car. The most amazing quote to me seemed to be: "Money trumps peace sometimes". I was switching around stations at the time however and while it seemed like an outrageous statement - a betrayal of core Christian, if not American principles really -- I don't know the complete context in which it was said. Someone should definately check it out though.