Sunday, February 11, 2007

U.S./Iraqi forces Found 14 Weapon Stashes and Arrested 140 In A Week

Al-Jazeera English

US and Iraqi forces have arrested 140 people and uncovered 14 stashes of weapons in a week as they ramp up a security operation in Baghdad, the US military has said.

The combined forces "uncovered 14 weapons caches and detained 140 insurgent suspects in and around the Iraqi capital during the week of February 3-9," a statement on Sunday said.

The US military said 34 operations had been carried out during the week in question, 20 of them joint actions and 14 led by US troops.

   This must have been when U.S. intelligence found the bomb parts with the Iranian serial numbers on them. I personally think that Cheney has been stamping them out while hiding down in his White House bunker.


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