Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alberto In The Hot Seat Today

   Today is the day that Alberto Gonzales goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee to lie to it about the firings of 8 prosecutors, which we all know was carried out for political reasons.

   Since Gonzales hasn't been truthful about the firings ever since this story broke, he most certainly cannot afford to start this late in the game. He only has one other option and that would be to plead the 5th Amendment so that he doesn't incriminate himself.

    Senate Judiciary Committee has Alberto scheduled to testify all day today under oath.

   Although many Republicans have called for Gonzales to resign, along with many Democrats, there remain a few who support him.

  Sen. Orrin Hatch: "The sooner it's over, the better. If he just answers the questions, he'll be fine." 

   Rep. Chris Cannon: "I hope he doesn't apologize. He is in a really miserable position where people are focused and saying nasty things. He thinks that he acted appropriately. I told him he ought to be less gracious in his responses."

Associated Press

Critics allege that some of the eight fired were dismissed to interfere with ongoing corruption investigations in ways that might help Republicans. Gonzales strongly denies that, but Democrats have maintained that a stiff denial is insufficient without more details.

Some Republicans acknowledge that merely sticking to the talking points in Gonzales' prepared testimony will make it hard for him to hang onto his job. The committee's senior Republican, Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, dismissed the prepared remarks as "pablum."    

      If the Senate Judiciary Committee does their job right today, Alberto Gonzales will be leaving in tears when the day is over. I'd rather it be handcuffs but we still have time for that later on.


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Anonymous said...

Where was the uproar when Clinton and Janet Reno fired ALL 93 US Attorneys in 1993?