Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Bush Talking Points Memo, Part 24,386.3

REMEMBER THIS: "The president is vetoing the bill to provide money for soldiers -- readiness, health care, armaments, etc and a timeline to get out of Iraq."

   So today, the Idiot in Chief was out spouting his usual bullshit about how the Democrats will be hurting the United States troops in Iraq if they do not bow down to him and provide another blank check to his war profiteering enterprise. as is his usual rhetoric, the Democrats plan for an end to this fiasco are giving "our enemies the victory they desperately want."

  This man is so pathetic that he makes me vomit every time I read his same old garbage. Him and Cheney both. If this is the best that they can come up with then it is no wonder that we have lost the support of the Iraqi people and everyone else.

   The " dumbass at large ' still says that his version of the funding is negotiable. Maybe we should give Bush a nonnegotiable transfer to a foreign prison, in Iraq.

"Instead of approving this funding, Democrats in Congress have spent the past 68 days pushing legislation that would undercut our troops. They passed bills that would impose restrictions on our military commanders and set an arbitrary date for withdrawal from Iraq, giving our enemies the victory they desperately want."  

"The longer Congress delays the worse the impact on the men and women of the armed forces will be. I recognize that Republicans and Democrats in Washington have differences over the best course in Iraq, and we should vigorously debate those differences. But our troops should not be trapped in the middle."   

"I call on members of Congress to put partisanship on hold, resolve their differences, and send me a clean bill that gets our troops the funds they need."  Source

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had something to say about Bush's radio speech, of course.

"Democrats are continuing to fight to fully fund our troops and give them a strategy for success worthy of their sacrifices. President Bush continues to insist that we follow his same failed strategy that has drawn our troops further into an intractable civil war."    Source

  Sign the bill stupid, and the military will have most of what they need, not what they want.

   The Democrats need to seriously start the impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney because this is the only way that this mess is going to end!