Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Bush War Funding Rhetoric

Resident Bush:  “The clock is ticking for our troops. Congress’s failure to fund our troops will mean that the readiness of our forces will suffer.”

  This is what Resident Bush said yesterday while he had family members of some of the troops surrounding him.


With a showdown looming, Mr. Bush has been using the only real ammunition he has: his presidential platform. In a speech to an American Legion Post last Tuesday, he warned that without the new funds, the Army might be forced to delay the formation of new combat brigade teams, a move that he said could require the Pentagon to extend some soldiers’ tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the next day, the Pentagon announced that it already had plans to extend troops tours in a move unrelated to the war financing issue.

   So now the moron is using troop family members for his photo-op's and to hopefully convince the Congress that it is in the U.S. troops best interest to give him the funding that he seeks with no strings attached.

    As the times article above notes, the Pentagon had already planned on the extended troop stay in Iraq anyway so Bush pretty much verified that he is nothing but a liar to begin with.

Senator Jack Reed:  “The status quo that he’s talking about, which is basically, ‘Just give me the money, I’m going to do what I want to do,’ is rejected by an overwhelming number of Americans. They want to see some change.”

   Of course and the military generals and such will now start making public the fact that the military is running out of parts and supplies and a few other things in an attempt to make the Congress look bad.

   The usual Repugnican bullshit so that Bush can stop being a cry-baby. This man ( ? ) is pathetic! Plain and simple! The entire Republican base is pathetic and that is a harsh statement coming from a real former conservative.