Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Instead Of Asking, The House Should Be Issuing Subpoena's From The Beginning

   So once again, we find our fine cast of characters in the House having to issue subpoena's for information from the United States Department of Injustice ( DoJ ). The Gonzales choir just can't seem to do things the easy way, can they?  I guess that it is a good thing that they cannot be charged with obstruction of justice by the House, as this is exactly what they are doing. So are the rest of the Bush Crime Family.

   The house says that they have been patient in waiting for the DoJ to provide more records to them concerning the attorney purge and that they have gotten tired of the waiting.

   My question is, why did the subpoena's not get issued from the start instead of asking for them in a nice manner? Are these not investigations which may ( do ) involve criminal activity? Quit asking people to testify and quit asking for documents and just go ahead and issue the subpoena's and let's get the shit over with!

   Along the same lines, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Henry A. Waxman is requesting that Condi ( Candy ) Rice appear  before his panel on April 18 to answer a few questions about the Bush administrations claims that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger before the United States invaded Iraq.   Source

    Once again Mr. Waxman, forget the sending letters bullshit and send the subpoena's instead! I think you would get results a little faster that way.

   Forget the Mr. Nice gut bullshit and get on with things. This isn't a cocktail party that you are inviting these hoods to, it's an investigation! Use the subpoena power!