Wednesday, April 04, 2007

John McCain Doesn't Know When To Quit

   While the old war horse John McCain trudges on, there are a few who think that maybe the old mare should be lead out to pasture as he has gotten to old and worn out.

"I was a strong backer of McCain last time," said George Carlisle, a retired corporate executive from Portsmouth. "The guy was magical. I don't think he's the man he was seven years ago. He's done. Stick a fork in him, he's done."

"Compared to a year ago, he's not doing so well," said Dick Bennett, a New Hampshire-based pollster. "He's lost support. It isn't like it was eight years ago. He's holding his own, but it isn't anything like it was."

"He's trying too hard to appeal to all parts of the Republican Party. Appealing to all parts of the party is a death knell," Carlisle said. "He looks old and tired. He is old and tired."

"I like McCain," said Tracey Tucker of Portsmouth, a project manager for a nonprofit organization. "But he doesn't have that spark anymore. I don't think he's a maverick anymore."

"It's not a safe place to be. You scratch the surface of the conservative base, and find they're pretty disgusted with Bush too. It isn't working for him. It could be, but at the moment, it isn't."

   Throw the has-been some hay and then let him go out to graze. John McCain is not the man he used to be and he will never be again. He hasn't learned that the public ( except the 28% who view Fox News )  has actually seen the light and that his flip-flops are wore out.

   All disrespect fully intended