Thursday, April 05, 2007

On Issues Up For Vote, Clinton And Obama Agreed 94.2 Percent Of The Time

    According to, presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have agreed with each other 94.2 per cent of the time according to recorded votes.

The highest rate of agreement was 98.7 percent, between Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware; the lowest rate was a still hefty 91.3 percent, between Dodd and Obama.

All four of presidential contenders were in attendance for 77 of the total 126 roll call votes. Clinton and Obama have the best attendance among the quartet, having each missed just three of 126 votes.

   I'll give both Clinton and Obama credit for their attendance when it is time to vote. Missing only three out of 126 votes is pretty impressive, to say the least. There are many more Senators on both sides of the fence who miss tons of votes because they have better things to do with their time instead of dong their jobs as we elected them to do.




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