Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Senator Byrd Slaps Down The White House

   Senator Robert Byrd posted a message to the White House on Iraq over at the Huffington Post yesterday.

The American people have sent a clear message to Washington: it is time to start bringing our troops home from Iraq. Unfortunately, President Bush isn't listening. That's why the Congress has responded, crafting a new direction that will provide the Iraqi government with the necessary motivation to pursue real political reconciliation. The House and the Senate bills take different paths toward this goal, but each recognizes that the American people do not support an open-ended U.S. military occupation in Iraq.

In the days since the Senate approved its version of the supplemental, the White House has taken on the regular practice of demonizing the Congress and attacking the bipartisan bill. Once again, President Bush took to the bully pulpit today and repeated his hollow claims that the provisions in this legislation would somehow undercut our troops. This is nonsense. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has determined that our military has $52 billion to cover expenses through the end of May.

The President also asserted that Congress is holding funding for the troops hostage for what he has called "pork barrel" spending. More nonsense. Facts matter and once again the President is out of touch with the facts. This is legislation that meets some of the most critical needs of our troops and our nation.

It is time for the White House to drop this trumped-up crisis talk and get down to the truth.

   Yes indeed!