Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mid-Term Election Falsehoods…


…are at an all-time high this mid-term election season with flat out lies and half-truths coming from both sides of the political spectrum. It has been really interesting to watch the attack ads that run on television down here in the state of Florida,but we have all seen this kind of crap in just about all of the states. So what’s new?  The main problem here in Florida is that we really do not have anyone on either side of the equation that is worth voting for.

    The race for the Senate is pretty much a given that it will be either Charlie Christ who has changed his clothing from the Republican rack and who is now claiming to be an Independent while railing against GOP issues that he has supported for all of his life. He is/was a staunch George Bush Supporter and he has always been a Republican and he will continue to be a Republican. He is counting on the stupidity of the Florida voter in order to stay in political office.

  Charlie Christ has been on television talking about reducing taxes for business in order to garner more jobs for Florida and he’s been saying the GOP thing about less government, but wait, what’s this?

Crist Ad Statement: “And the best ideas from Republicans, like cutting waste, so we can hold down taxes.” (Crist TV Ad, “Line In The Sand,” 9/13/10)

FACT: In 2009, Charlie Crist Broke His Pledge Against Raising Taxes By Signing A Budget That “Includes $2.2 Billion In New Fees And Taxes.” “Breaking a pledge against raising taxes, Gov. Charlie Crist signed Florida’s $66.5 billion budget into law Wednesday and barely used his veto pen. … Also, the budget includes $2.2 billion in new fees and taxes. … By not vetoing the new taxes, Crist violated a no-new-taxes pledge he made on the campaign trail in 2006.” (Marc Caputo, “Gov. Crist Signs $66.5 Billion Budget, Breaks Tax Pledge,” St. Petersburg Times, 5/28/09)

FACT: Crist Increased The State Workforce For the First Time Since Lawton Chiles, a Liberal Democrat, Was Governor. “The annual report indicates that Crist has presided over the first growth in total state government employment since the late Gov. Lawton Chiles started the decline in his last year – a reduction that Bush accelerated with privatization and computerization.” (Bill Cotterell, “State Jobs On Rise Again,” The News-Press, 12/30/07)

FACT: Under Crist, The Number Of State Government Employees Has Grown Nearly 13%. (The People’s Budget Website,, Accessed 3/27/10)

FACT: Under Crist, “Florida’s State Government Is Cresting On Its Biggest Tide Of Red Ink In History.” “Even as talk of deficits and debt seem focused largely on Washington, Florida’s state government is cresting on its biggest tide of red ink in history. Now, the $26.4 billion owed by state taxpayers may threaten several environmental, transportation and classroom spending commitments in the upcoming legislative session.” (John Kennedy, “State Debt Could Threaten Fla. Government Programs,” The Ledger, 2/7/10)                      Source

    I should note that the source for this info comes from his maim opponent, Republican Mark Rubio, who I’ll be posting on next.

   Christ is just one of the many Republicans in Independent clothing trying to keep his scam going against the people of Florida. There is no real choice when having to pick between Christ,Rubio,or Democrat Meeks.

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