Monday, November 01, 2010

Rick Scott or Alex Sink For Governor Of Florida?


    This is another one of those “lesser evils” pick so far as I am concerned. Both of them claim that they will bring more jobs to Florida but between the two of them, they are responsible for nearly 6.000 lost jobs in the state.

    Rick Scott ® was the CEO of Hospital giant Columbia/HCA back in the 90’s and Alex Sink  (D) was the head honcho of Bank of America’s Florida Division, also in the 90’s.

   They are both talking up job creation in the state as a way to jump-start the Florida economy and,surprisingly, neither is speaking about the others job cuts while running their respective organizations. To much dirt to be flinging at each other I guess.

   Rick Scott was told to leave Columbia after the F.B.I. started an investigation into the company’s Medicare billing practices. Though Scott never admitted to anything (plead 5th amendment rights 75 times) he was forced out and the company paid a $1.75 BILLION Medicare fraud fine.

   Alex Sink:

As president of Florida operations for NationsBank as it gobbled up state banking giant Barnett Bank, Sink presided over the postmerger bank, which was expected to eliminate 6,000 posts to streamline operations, closing 200 branches in Florida.                     Source

    The thing which the Republican Party fails to mention in their television ads is the fact that Alex Sink was told what to do by her higher ups, this was not something that she just went ahead and did on her own.

   Rick Scott, on the other hand, was the frog at the top and the Columbia layoffs were by his doing.

    Alex Sink made no profit from the layoffs at BofA,but, Scott did from his ousters.

When Sink left the company, she had earned $8.8 million in the last three years, a combination of her salary and cashing in 26 years of accumulated stock options, pension and deferred compensation, but it was not a bonus or tied to the job losses.

Scott, though, benefitted financially from the Columbia/HCA job cuts because it helped boost the company's stock, which was a darling on Wall Street until the federal government launched a FBI probe….

   Once again, I have to vote for “none of the above” even though I think that Sink is the lesser of the two evils. Scott still will not discuss his testimony over Columbia’s Medicare dealings, and if you plead the 5th 75 times,voters have the right to know why.