Friday, December 31, 2010

An Hourly Workers State Of The Union…

…and this one is going to be a hell raising rant at our corporations, the Republicans, the Democrats, President Obama in particular.

   First off, the hourly worker here in Florida took a beating in this state. The Tampa area was certainly one of the worst hit as far as the economy goes. Jobs? Decent pay? Decent health insurance? There is no such thing in this area of the country. No is no such thing in the rest of the country for that matter.

  Upon moving back to this state, I become one of those under paid workers with no type of health insurance. I am a type-1 diabetic,so I started off on the wrong foot right out of the gate. In January of 2010, I spent 4 hours in an the emergency room of one of the local hospitals because of my diabetes and that trip cost me $3,600 for an I.V. with water in it for minor dehydration, and two visits from some foreign doctor who spent a total of 20 minutes with me. This all came out of my pocket in a few monthly installments. A big expense for someone who is making the minimum wage and only working 30 hours a week at the time. It’s a damned good thing that I was very smart with my money back when I was working for real pay and benefits or I would be sleeping out in the streets permanently. Yes, I’ve been homeless a time or two since being here because I prefer to live off of my work earnings. Those earnings have not always met my bills. For better than half of 2010, they did not meet any of my needs and I did have to go on  the food-stamp program.

   At almost the mid-point of the year, work pretty much came to a grinding halt. 30 hours per week up to that point was bad enough, but the hours took a major hit dropping down to as few as only 4 hours of work per week. In a good week I might even luck out and get 16 hours of work!  I do the public transportation thing here so that cost me $3.75 per day for an all day bus pass. I did manage to buy a few monthly passes which set me back $60 a shot. Some of those turned out to be a waste because I used them up going to a local temp agency which had nothing even remotely resembling a job.

  Now let’s take an even closer look at my expenses.

  My rent runs only $400 per month, which isn’t to bad. The electric bill is in the area of $70 a month. I do have cable TV and the net of course, which runs at $85 and some change. I’m a smoker so that cost a little bit more. I do not party and go out wasting money even when I’ve had the cash to waste, so no expenses there.

  Now comes the really hard part, my insulin. This cost me $107 per vial every 28 days or so. Then there are the syringes which I need in order to take the meds. One 10-pack of those run $3.50 and I buy at least 4 or 5 packs a month since I have to shoot-up 2 times a day, sometimes 3.

   My estimates tell me that I made only $8,000 for all of 2010, so you can easily figure out that life has been a lemon this year. Can I get a refund?

  The employment situation here in Florida is not going to get better in 2011. It may drop a little bit,but the latest stats (November) say that the state has some 1,110,000 jobless out of a work force of 9,237,000. that is a 12.0 percent unemployment rate. You can blame this shit right square on that last piece of crap President who sat in the White house with his goons and robbed this country (economy) blind. And, in case you missed it over the past 2 years, President Barack Obama and his boys have been doing the same thing. This man, along with backing by those blue-dog Democrats and the Republican Party, have stripped you and I of any hope of financial security in the near future, if ever.

  Now,let us go to the next part of our economic problem,shall we? Much of the blame for our woes is not due to just the banking industry and Wall Street,or to the corporations who fuck you and I on a daily basis. From where I sit, the largest blame is placed on the voters in this country. I’m pointing fingers at you dumb,ignorant fucks who sit at home watching shit like the FoxNews Channel and who do not have enough mind to actually check that so-called news out to see if it is factual. That propaganda network knows all to well that the majority of its viewers are flat out plain stupid so they feed you that phony conservative line of bullshit that their Republican master tell them to,know to damned well that you will not question authority. 

  Many of you voted for more of the same Bush policies which got you and I into this mess in the first place! Are you stuck on stupid? Maybe you should consider one of those memory courses that help your memory for turning to shit because many of you most certainly are suffering from a short term memory loss.

    I’m not all to pleased with the way in which Obama has bent over backward to help give the Republicans and big business anything that their little hearts desired,but in the same token, the man cannot do a whole hell of a lot when the Republicans, and many Democrats, have done everything possible to keep the man from doing what this country sorely needs done.

   I hope that you have enjoyed 2010 folks because 2011 is going to make 2010 look real good to you when it is all over. Those Republican asshats that you elected will make sure of that.                  (continued)